How To Use The Manual Miner In The Front

How To Use The Manual Miner In The Front

The Manual Miner, a prominent feature in “The Front,” serves a vital purpose. Primarily, this device specializes in the extraction and collection of crude oil. Players who aim to harness oil in the game will find this tool indispensable.

Navigating and utilizing the Manual Miner isn’t like the usual interactions in the game. Instead of a swift press, players need to hold down the interaction button. This nuanced difference in interaction allows players access to a suite of options, including mining activities, crude oil gathering, and even looting opportunities.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the Manual Miner

Embarking on the journey with the Manual Miner? Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough:

Approach with Intent: Before anything else, make sure you’re within the proximity of the Manual Miner.

Initiate Interaction: Immerse yourself in the Manual Miner’s operations by firmly holding the ‘F’ key. This act triggers the device’s radial menu.

Operational Choices: From the radial menu that pops up, you can either:

  • Opt for ‘Oil’ extraction, or
  • Delve into ‘Ore Collection’.
  • Selection is made easy with a simple click of the left mouse button (LMB)

Inventory Insights:

  • Keen on inspecting what the Manual Miner has amassed? Press and hold ‘F’, followed by a definitive ‘Open’ click using the LMB.
  • Transitioning your findings from the device’s inventory to your backpack? Just a swift right-click does the trick.
  • Concluded with the inventory checks? The ‘Esc’ key is your gateway out.
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Signing Off: When it’s time to leave the Manual Miner’s operational realm, holding ‘F’ and opting for ‘Stand’ using LMB ensures a smooth exit.

Efficiency and Duration of Material Gathering

For the patient players, the Manual Miner is a blessing. It’s worth noting that resource collection, especially crude oil, isn’t rapid. The machine operates at a measured pace. Hence, it’s an ideal tool for moments when you’re contemplating an AFK stint. T

o give a more tangible perspective: if you’re operating the Manual Miner specifically for oil, don’t expect a bounty immediately. Roughly, a 5-minute investment might fetch you just about two units of crude oil. Remember, these figures aren’t set in stone and can vary based on numerous in-game factors.

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