Is Age of Empires 2 Cross Platform / Cross Play?

Is Age of Empires 2 Cross Platform / Cross Play?

Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition has broadened its horizons, with the game being available on a variety of platforms including Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, alongside its original PC version. The universality of this game is further accentuated by the fact that Microsoft, a singular entity, owns all the platforms it’s available on, creating a harmonious gaming ecosystem.

Initially, Age of Empires 2 was a gem cherished exclusively by the Windows PC community. The evolution of the gaming landscape saw its extension to Xbox, thereby broadening the game’s reach.

This transition was smooth, with Xbox users getting the luxury of a new control scheme and the familiar comfort of standard keyboard and mouse controls, providing an equitable gaming arena between PC and console players. While Xbox players rejoiced over the controller adaptation, it left the gaming community pondering about the possibility of similar support for the PC version.

How to Enable Age of Empires 2 Cross Platform / Cross Play

How to Enable Age of Empires 2 Cross Platform  Cross Play

Embarking on the cross-platform journey is a breeze. Players from diverse platforms need to craft a multiplayer lobby, a gateway to universal accessibility through the universal game lobby. This cohesion ensures that gamers, irrespective of their platform—be it Microsoft Store, Xbox, or Steam—can engage in thrilling multiplayer matches.

However, seamless integration demands uniformity; thus, players should be vigilant about synchronizing their game builds. The path to enabling this crossplay functionality is straightforward—PC users can find solace in the Game tab, while Xbox users navigate through the Options menu. Additionally, it’s intriguing to note that Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition also celebrates cross-platform unity, weaving a thread of commonality between the sequels.

With the introduction of crossplay, players from different gaming devices can unite under a single gaming session, fostering camaraderie and competition irrespective of the hardware in their hands.

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