Island War Best Troops Tier List 2024

Island War Best Troops Tier List

Island War Tier List will help you in choosing the best troops in the game. It is important to know what are the best troops so you can dominate, progress faster and become a more powerful player which is the ultimate goal of every player. There are a lot of different troops in Island War and all of them are unique with different stats and power.

Not all of the troops are good and there are some troops that will simply outperform all other troops in the game. It is quite hard to level up your troops in Island War and you don’t want to waste your resources and time on troops that will not perform that well so it is crucial to know what are the best troops in Island War. 

When you are choosing what troops you will use you have to take a few factors into consideration like what troops you already have, your progression, what is your ultimate goal, etc. Most players simply do not care about those factors and if you are one of them then the best for you is to use Tier S troops.

They are the best in the game and worth investing in. Just stay away from troops that are Tier C and Tier D because they do not perform that great so it is not worth investing in them.   If you love this type of content, you’ll definitely love the Dragon City Tier List, Black Desert Mobile Tier List and Phobies Tier List

Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier D – The Worst

Island War Tier List

Troop Tier Rating Rarity
Air BenderALegendary
Ancient DragonSLegendary
Artic WolfsDRare
Axe ThrowerDRare
Engulfing dragonCEpic
Fire MageDRare
Force MageCEpic
Frost Archer ALegendary
Frost TitianSLegendary
Gale RiderCLegendary
Griffin KnightBLegendary
Heal WizardsCEpic
Hunting GunnerDEpic
Infernal WorlockSLegendary
Lapidating GiantAEpic
Lightning MageCEpic
Mace WarriorsBLegendary
Phase ApostleBEpic
Royal GuardsECommon
Shadow AssassinBRare
Snowman DRare
Spear ThrowersDEpic
Swarf WarriorsERare
Void AssasinBLegendary
Wind SwordsmanALegendary

About Island War Tier List

To get accurate ratings we used a high-end account and all troops were tested in the best possible condition. Some small factors were out of our control but they had no impact on the tier list because you will be impacted by them inside a game. 

Each tier list is debatable so Island War Best Troops Tier List is also. If you do not agree with some of our ratings please leave a comment down below so we can discuss it. 

Island War Tier List will help you in choosing the best troops and making you a more powerful player but that does not mean that you should not test each troop on your own. 

So make sure that you read what each troop does, how much power they have, how to use them, and check what other players are using. All this will give you knowledge about the game so you can decide on what is the best troops for you and your play style. This will make you a more skilled player. So go and test troops on your own. Check our other gaming guides that will give you knowledge about other games.

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