Last Shelter: Survival Beginners Guide 2024

If you are a video game maniac, then you must be aware of the mind-blowing adventure game, Last Shelter: Survival. Did you know that the game has surpassed over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store?

This game is all about building a perfect strategy to survive different scenarios. With amazing visuals and graphics, you will be thrilled to enter a virtual world of post-apocalyptic zombie infection. 

Since the entire game plan is to strategize for survival, you need to have a few tips and tricks under your sleeve. This way, you will enjoy the game better and make a run for the win.

Read this Last Shelter: Survival beginners guide to ace your game plan.


Tip 1: Shelter 

The first rule of successfully surviving during an apocalypse is to build a safe place to take shelter. The same applies to the virtual world as well. 

Therefore, your first mission should be to build a sound and solid shelter. Your shelter will define your initial territory. This can later be expanded and upgraded with various resources you get through the game. 

Since you are the boss, it is your duty to assign tasks and take the calls for action. You will be in constant communication with the different characters during the play. The idea is to assemble as many allies as possible and recruit more people. Having a bigger crew will increase your chances of survival. 

Tip 2: Get those Zombies!

Last Shelter is infested with zombies. It is going to be impossible to survive if you cannot put up a good fight. 

The moment you are all settled in the game, you will be facing zombies in bulk! 

You will be able to notice a clear difference in the day and night play. The zombie activity will become more lethal and challenging during the night. These half-dead creatures know that humanity sleeps at night, so they come in strong forces at night.

To get them all, you need to build a team of armed and skilled recruits. It would be best to have a solid army that can get head-on with these disgusting brain-dead zombies and make it count. But you won’t just be fighting zombies. 

For your strategies to work, you will have to keep building structures to support your shelter and give you a better advantage in the apocalypse. This means you’ll need a team of members to be out every now and then for gathering resources. 

This can invite sudden attacks and unseen casualties. But you should keep moving and build a strong structure to keep yourself protected. 

Tip 3: Premium can be rewarding

Though the Last Shelter is available for free play, going premium can help you get the most out of it.

If you start with free play, you might get excited to get some upgrades as you will be advancing quickly. But you will be facing many advanced players in each step who will be ready to pay a lot more than you can.  This will hamper your progress and steal the fun out of the game. 

If you are not aiming for some big leagues, investing in some premium package is better. You will get access to limited resources, and you won’t be tempted to spend a fortune on various offers thrown at you. 

Some of the best packages available are:

  • Cumulative pack 
  • Limited edition holiday packs
  • Monday VIP points pack

Tip 4: Save those speedups

While you are playing the Last Shelter, you will be given a lot of speedups. In the initial stages of the game, using these speedups can turn out to be worthless. 

That is why it is advisable to save them to be used later in the game. You can start using them once you cross level ten or fifteen. 

As you advance through the game, things might take longer to accomplish. A speedup can give you an edge over your competitors in such a situation, and you can walk towards a victory. 

Tip 5: Never stop the research

Research is fruitful in all parts of life. Once you have a grab on the research, you can smoothly sail through the game. It is a time-consuming process, and the rewards might not be encouraging. But you will see real benefits in the longer run. It helps you get better upgrades and function well in the play. 

The first step of research should be the fields because that’s where you will start the construction. A better shelter ensures better chances of survival.  Then you can work on your military tactics and focus on resource production in that sector. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can prioritize your game plan. 

Tip 6: Things can be placed at distant

There is no necessity of keeping everything you have super close to yourself. You can actually expand your zone and set it up as per your liking. 

Just put in an extra effort for constructing roads that can connect your buildings together. Once you have an active connection, it doesn’t expand your territory. 

As you proceed through the game, you will be able to unlock areas around your headquarter. This will help you plan accordingly. You can expand your territory and beautify it as well.

Tip 7: Invest in some heroes 

Game heroes can boost your play significantly. It is not a necessity, but investing in a hero can come in handy. You can put them up for a specific task they are skilled at and reserve your force for other aspects. 

To sum it up

If you have made it this far, you have some of the best tricks to work with. Keep your understanding of the gameplay clear, invest in heroes, join an alliance, and keep your territory strong.  Last Shelter: Survival is owned by Long Tech Network. This is an online strategy war game, and it stands out due to its distinct Zombie based gameplay. So, go ahead and apply the above tips to your game plan. Happy gaming!

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