Legend of Slime Beginner Guides: Tips and Tricks

Legend of Slime Beginner Guides Tips and Tricks

“Legend of Slime” throws you into this cool idle RPG world where you’re a little blue slime out to beat humans. It’s all about growing bigger, from counting your wins in thousands to using letters like a, b, and c to show how awesome you are.

Character Stats and Upgrades

Your slime’s gotta be tough. Use gold, the main money in the game, to make your slime stronger. Start with boosting attack power, then crit chance, speed, and getting those multi-shots in. But hey, don’t just focus on attack; make sure your slime can last in a fight by upping HP and recovery too.

Gold Generation

Gold’s everything here. You need it to level up and get stronger. The trick? Move up stages fast for more gold and keep an eye out for treasure chests on the top left. They’re gold mines, especially with ads. Gold Rush events are gold fests, and when you’re offline, slap on a gold ring to keep the gold coming.

Daily Quests

Doing your daily quests is key. They’re not just tasks; they’re your ticket to getting gems and other cool stuff you need to get ahead. Make them part of your routine.

Unlocking and Upgrading Slimes

Unlocking and Upgrading Slimes

There’s a whole bunch of slimes out there, each with something special. The more you unlock, the better off you’ll be, especially for your Slime Legion and treasure buildings. At level 35, slimes get their own skills, making them even better in fights. The goal? Get them to level 100, then push to 200 with XP shards and tears of slime. Don’t just stick to one slime, though. Mix it up, especially with those super rare SS slimes.

Skills in Gameplay

Later in the game, your team’s damage starts to really matter. You’ll come across all sorts of skills, and the rarer they are, the better they usually are. “Rage” and “Reaper” are two must-haves. “Rage” boosts attack speed, and “Reaper”, especially with the Bonsai treasure, is just brutal against enemies.

Relics and Their Role

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

Relics are game-changers, offering big attacks and defenses. Starting off, focus on leveling one relic to 100 before spreading out. They can do a lot, from making you hit harder to surviving longer and even calling down meteor storms. Picking the right mix of relics can really turn the tide in your favor.

Companions in Combat

When you’re on a mission to take down humans in “Legend of Slime,” you’ve got a crew of companions like birds, frogs, and insects. Right now, birds are where it’s at, leading the pack. But it’s not just what kind of companion you’ve got; their level, speed, and strength matter a lot. A higher-level buddy means you’re going to do better in fights.

Dark Clouds Technique

Here’s the thing about the Dark Clouds technique: it actually makes you weaker. Sounds bad, but its saving grace is that it’s ready to go again in just 15 seconds. So, it’s all about using it smartly and at the right moments.

Mastery Points Management

Getting good in “Legend of Slime” means playing it smart with your Mastery points. You get these points by leveling up your slimes to 100. Most players will tell you to boost your attack, speed up your attack rate, and crank up your XP. You can reset your points for 10 gems, which lets you shuffle things around if you need to. After level 100, you start getting into Promotion Mastery, where you should first power up your attack before worrying about your HP.

Traits Optimization

Every slime has its own set of traits that give you different advantages. While you might want to try a bit of everything at first, the pros suggest picking one trait and sticking with it. Focus on leveling up that trait to really make the most of it.

Dungeons and Their Rewards

Dungeons are tough, but they’re loaded with goodies. You need a game plan for each one since they all throw different baddies at you. Remember, you only get the loot once, so make sure you’re really ready before you jump in. The rewards, like gold and rare items, can really make a difference for you.

Treasure Management

Treasures are a big deal in “Legend of Slime.” But hoarding every shiny thing isn’t the way to go. Pick a few treasures that fit how you play and put your resources into making them even better. This approach can give you a real edge.

Mining Strategy

Mining Strategy

Mining isn’t just something to do when you’re bored. It’s a solid strategy for getting more gold, which you always need. Don’t just go for every mine you see. Focus on the ones with lots of gold, and keep checking back on the spots you’ve already hit; sometimes they refill.

Research Center

The Research Center is your go-to for leveling up your game. Investing here lets you unlock new abilities and skills. But don’t just throw everything into it. Think about what you really need and plan for the long haul to make sure the Research Center really works for you.

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