Legend of Slime Beginner Guides: Tips and Tricks

Legend of Slime Beginner Guides Tips and Tricks

“Legend of Slime” is an exhilarating idle RPG that immerses players into the world of a petite blue slime. In this captivating role-playing adventure, you take charge of this unique slime character with a singular goal: conquering humans.

As you delve deeper into the game, the numerical representation of your progress evolves, beginning from mere thousands and eventually transcending into alphabetical values like a, b, and c.

Character Stats and Upgrades

Every hero is as good as their strengths, and in “Legend of Slime”, these strengths lie in the character’s stats. Gold, the game’s primary currency, empowers you to augment various character attributes. The emphasis should always be on accentuating the attack power, followed by crit chance, attack speed, and the multi-shot capability.

However, don’t get too caught up with offense; ensuring your slime’s survival is paramount. For this, judiciously invest in both HP and HP Recovery, especially when anticipating arduous battles or relentless boss encounters.

Gold Generation

Gold isn’t just a shiny metal in “Legend of Slime”; it’s the lifeblood that keeps your journey flowing. To keep your coffers brimming, you should constantly push to access higher game stages. Each advanced stage offers a greater bounty. But there’s more: regularly claim the treasure chests that pop up in the game’s top-left corner.

These chests, when paired with periodic ads, lead to a significant boost in your gold rewards. And if you fancy a little competitive edge, the Gold Rush events are your arena, promising a substantial influx of gold. Additionally, when you’re not actively playing, consider equipping a gold ring. This clever accessory amplifies your gold accrual during offline periods.

Daily Quests

Consistency is the hallmark of success in many endeavors, and “Legend of Slime” is no exception. Engaging with daily quests can be a game-changer. These quests are not just daily chores but lucrative opportunities to garner essential resources.

Among the rewards, gems shine brightest, but other resources like tears of slime, heart gems, and the enigmatic Clockwork are equally vital for your progression.

Unlocking and Upgrading Slimes

Unlocking and Upgrading Slimes

The world of “Legend of Slime” is teeming with diverse slimes, each bringing a unique flair and potential to the table. The more slimes you unlock, the higher the Mastery you achieve. This increased Mastery directly benefits treasure buildings and the formidable Slime Legion. Each slime boasts five distinct owned effect stats, amplifying their overall prowess. As you mine and gather XP shards, remember that at level 35, every slime unveils a unique skill, further enhancing their combat efficiency.

Maxing out slime skills to level 100 remains a player’s primary objective, but what lies beyond is even more compelling. Promoting a slime from level 100 to 200 requires a combination of XP shards and the elusive tears of slime. While it’s tempting to heavily promote a favorite slime, it’s strategic to diversify promotions, especially targeting those rare SS (Super Special) slimes.

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Skills in Gameplay

Navigating through the latter stages of “Legend of Slime” pivots around a salient aspect: the utilization of skills. As you progress further, the damage inflicted by companions gains prominence, making it the metric to watch out for. A kaleidoscope of skills awaits the players, each with its distinct rarity.

The higher the rarity, the more potency a skill tends to possess. While it’s essential to gauge skills based on their intrinsic value, a discerning player will also juxtapose them by inspecting their descriptions, weighing their attack potential against cooldown durations. Two skills, “Rage” and “Reaper,” stand out in particular. “Rage” is an indispensable skill, invariably amplifying companion attack speed, whereas “Reaper,” when synergized with the Bonsai treasure, wreaks havoc on adversaries.

Relics and Their Role

Three Ways to Spend Gems In Legend of Slime

Relics aren’t mere artifacts in “Legend of Slime” but monumental game-changers. These relics infuse the gameplay with potent attacks and sturdy defenses. For those just starting their relic journey, the mantra is to sequentially level up a single relic to 100 before branching out. These relics are not monolithic but possess a spectrum of attributes – from bolstering attack to enhancing HP and even invoking meteor storms. The correct combination of these relics can be the difference between a triumphant stride and a stumbling block.

Companions in Combat

As you embark on your quest to subdue humans, you’re not alone. Various companions, epitomized as birds, frogs, and insects, accompany you, influencing your combat style and build. Among these, the bird build currently enjoys the reputation of being top-tier. However, a companion’s utility isn’t just based on its archetype but also its inherent strength, attack speed, and its level. As a rule of thumb, a higher-level companion typically signifies better combat efficiency.

Dark Clouds Technique

While most techniques in “Legend of Slime” aim to augment your potency, the Dark Clouds technique is an exception. Deploying Dark Clouds leads to a diminution in your attack. The technique, however, redeems itself by its rapid cooldown time, clocking in at just 15 seconds, enabling players to use it judiciously based on the game’s exigencies.

Mastery Points Management

Mastery, in “Legend of Slime”, is not about mere prowess but the judicious allocation of points. Common Mastery points can be garnered by elevating slimes up to level 100. Seasoned players often earmark these points for enhancing attack, amplifying attack speed, and boosting XP.

There’s also an element of fluidity; for a cost of 10 gems, players can reset Common Mastery, allowing for a tactical redistribution of points. On the other hand, Promotion Mastery kicks in when slimes are elevated beyond level 100. In this arena, the left-side attack route takes precedence. It’s advisable to max out this route before channeling points towards fortifying HP, thus ensuring a balanced progression.

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Traits Optimization

Within the expansive universe of “Legend of Slime,” optimizing traits is paramount. Every slime possesses intrinsic traits, each furnishing the player with distinctive advantages. While newcomers might be tempted to spread their focus across various traits, seasoned players advise honing in on a single trait.

By consistently upgrading this chosen trait, players can leverage its full potential. Moreover, this strategy allows for a more streamlined progression in the game, ensuring that slimes wield maximum power against their adversaries.

Dungeons and Their Rewards

Dungeons serve as formidable tests for players in “Legend of Slime”. Beyond their challenging nature, they hold the allure of rich rewards. Each dungeon comes with its unique set of enemies, requiring a tailored strategy. Conquering these dungeons isn’t merely about glory but also about garnering essential resources.

It’s pivotal to note that each dungeon offers rewards only once. Thus, players need to ensure they’re adequately prepared before diving into these challenges. The spoils, ranging from gold to rare items, can significantly enhance a player’s arsenal, making the risks of the dungeon expeditions worth the potential gains.

Treasure Management

Treasures, in “Legend of Slime,” aren’t mere glittering baubles. They are quintessential assets that can bolster a player’s journey. Managing these treasures judiciously is the linchpin of successful gameplay. While it’s tempting to accumulate a wide array of treasures, focusing on enhancing a select few can be more beneficial.

Players should assess the inherent value of each treasure, keeping an eye out for those that align with their gameplay style. Consistently upgrading and refining these select treasures can propel a player’s prowess in battles and quests.

Mining Strategy

Mining Strategy

Mining is more than a side activity in “Legend of Slime”. It’s a strategy-rich endeavor that can accrue substantial rewards. When embarking on mining, players need to be astute. Instead of depleting all available sites, one should prioritize those rich in gold.

Employing this tactic ensures a steady inflow of gold, a currency of paramount importance in the game. Additionally, it’s advisable to periodically revisit exhausted mines. Often, these mines get replenished, offering players a second chance at reaping rewards.

Research Center

The Research Center stands as a beacon of knowledge and advancement in “Legend of Slime”. Engaging with this center can unlock myriad benefits for players. By channeling resources into the center, players can access advanced research options, paving the way for enhanced abilities and skills.

However, while the allure of rapid advancement is enticing, players should approach the center with discernment. Distributing resources wisely, based on immediate needs and long-term strategies, can ensure that the Research Center serves as a genuine asset, bolstering one’s gameplay journey.

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