Legend of Slime Best Ring Guide

Legend of Slime Best Ring Guide

Getting the right ring in “Legend of Slime” is crucial. It’s all about knowing which ring to choose to either boost your game or, well, not. Let’s dive into how to pick the best ring based on what it brings to the table.

Understanding Ring Attributes and Grades

Choosing between the Blessed Ring with its 1,700 skill damage and the Old Ring with 1,400 companion damage? It’s tricky. Despite the numbers, the Old Ring’s companion damage actually does better against the boss.

Rings in “Legend of Slime” come with attributes; some are permanent (yellow text) and some are just for a dungeon run (blue text). But beware, not all attributes are helpful. Stuff like “Gold obtain”, evasion, and skill cooldown might look good but don’t do much for you in the game.

Deep Dive: Companion Damage vs. Other Attributes

Companion damage is a big deal. While you might think upping HP is smart, boosting companion damage is often the way to go. Early on, focusing on attack attributes for rings under level 50 might not be the best strategy.

Save the treasure attribute for when you’re deep into a Slime Legion dungeon run. Boss damage and critical hit damage are key for upping your damage output. It’s all about matching your choice to where you are in the game and what your slime stats are.

The Metal Ring

The Metal Ring is the star of the show, even though it’s a D-grade ring. Its “Egg Throw” skill outshines S-grade and C-grade rings in terms of pushing your progress. Pairing it with the Bird build and the Sparrow figurine Relic can make the Egg Throw skill even better. The goal is to level up for more bonus damage for Egg Throw and companion damage.

But don’t go for the “grade increase” when rolling for the Metal Ring, as it might mess with the Egg Throw bonus damage. Companion damage is your best bet, followed by boss damage, attack, skill damage, and critical damage if you can’t get companion damage.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Don’t hesitate to level up your rings. It boosts both attack and HP. If you find yourself leaning towards the gold obtain attribute in the initial dungeon run floors, you might want to rethink your strategy. For free-to-play players, with the right strategy and a bit of luck, getting a ring with 1,000 to 1,500 percent companion damage is totally doable. And for those in the Slime Club, those extra ring levels and dungeon run refreshes can really change the game for you.

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