Legend of Slime Best Ring Guide

Legend of Slime Best Ring Guide

Welcome to the in-depth guide for the game Legend of Slime, where the choice of the perfect ring can make or break your gameplay. This guide delves into the nuances of understanding and selecting the right ring based on its attributes and grades.

Understanding Ring Attributes and Grades

In “Legend of Slime”, players often face a dilemma between the Blessed Ring, offering a whopping 1,700 skill damage, and the Old Ring, which boasts 1,400 companion damage. But here’s the catch: higher numerical values aren’t always synonymous with better performance. When put to the test, the Old Ring’s companion damage actually left the stage boss at a health level of 82.9%, while the Blessed Ring could only manage to leave it at 100.36%.

Every ring in “Legend of Slime” comes embedded with attributes. Some of these, denoted by yellow text, are permanent fixtures on the ring. In contrast, the blue-text attributes are transient, accompanying players only during a specific dungeon run.

While exploring ring attributes, it’s pivotal to sidestep some that might seem lucrative but don’t deliver as promised. Attributes such as “Gold obtain”, evasion, and skill cooldown don’t significantly enhance gameplay, making them less desirable.

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Deep Dive: Companion Damage vs. Other Attributes

Among the myriad of attributes available in “Legend of Slime”, companion damage stands out as a formidable contender. On certain floors, it might seem tempting to boost HP, but enhancing companion damage often proves more beneficial. If you’re starting out, it’s worth noting that attack attributes might not be your best bet, especially for rings below level 50. As for the treasure option? Best to reserve that for when you’re pushing high levels in a Slime Legion dungeon run.

Both boss damage and critical hit damage possess potential to scale up your damage output significantly. The trick lies in aligning your choice with your current stats and the stage you’re at in the game. A quick calculation considering your slime stats can often guide you to the optimum attribute selection.

The Metal Ring

When it comes to the ultimate ring in “Legend of Slime”, the Metal Ring, a D-grade beauty with the “Egg Throw” skill, emerges victorious. From personal encounters, this ring has shown capabilities to surpass even the S-grade and C-grade rings in progression terms.

Embracing the Bird build, coupled with the Sparrow figurine Relic, can automate the Egg Throw skill, enhancing its efficiency. Aiming for higher levels amplifies the bonus damage for Egg Throw and companion damage, making gameplay smoother.

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While it might be enticing, resist the urge to select the “grade increase” option when rolling for the Metal Ring. It could negate the Egg Throw bonus damage. Instead, prioritize companion damage, and if that’s elusive, boss damage, attack, skill damage, and critical damage are worthy alternatives.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Don’t shy away from investing in your rings. Upgrading them not only amplifies attack but also boosts HP. However, if the initial dungeon run floors coerce you into choosing the gold obtain attribute, it’s an indicator that you might be jeopardizing the run.

Free-to-play players, fret not. With a combination of strategy, level, and a pinch of luck, a commendable ring with 1,000 to 1,500 percent companion damage is within your grasp. Lastly, let’s not undermine the prowess of the Slime Club membership. Those additional ring levels and that bonus dungeon run refresh can be game-changers.

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