Legend of Slime Best Slime Tier List

Legend of Slime Best Slime Tier List

Gaming aficionados of “Legend of Slime” are always on the hunt for the best slimes to optimize their gameplay. In this guide, we delve into the meticulous ranking and evaluation of slimes based on their in-game performance. Whether you’re a free-to-play enthusiast or someone who invests in pay-to-win strategies, this tier list covers the ins and outs of each slime’s capabilities.

Tier List Criteria

In the vast realm of “Legend of Slime,” not all slimes are created equal. The tier list sheds light on slimes based on two pivotal factors: damage and utility. To ensure a fair assessment, specific testing methods, such as stage drop-downs, were employed to gauge the true damage potential of free-to-play slimes, a method considering their attack-based scaling.

The stage boss’s health, starting at a whopping 15.8 AAA Health, acts as a barometer for the relative prowess of each slime. Furthermore, slimes come with unique skills; those offering added utility have earned their spots in our ranking. But remember, like any guide, our placements are guided by the author’s analysis and experience.

Free-to-play slimes have their own niche in the “Legend of Slime” universe. Their damage output, primarily governed by their attack scaling, makes them distinct.

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Shifting gears to the pay-to-win slimes, these are where investments potentially yield substantial in-game dividends. Their primary advantage lies in their companion damage scaling skills.

Tier System and Grades

To help you navigate the vast array of Slims in Legend of Slime, we’ve established a tier system with five distinct grades:

  • Tier S – Overpowered
  • Tier A – Balanced
  • Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
  • Tier C – Underpowered
  • Tier D – The Worst

Legend of Slime Tier List

Slime NameTier Rating
Gent S

Spotlight on S-Tier Slime

The crème de la crème of the list is the S-Tier, and Gent reigns supreme here. With a damage multiplier that doubles its output, it’s a game-changer. This slime doesn’t just stop at raw damage; its adaptability to use any Slime Toy enhances its versatility. If that wasn’t enough, Gent’s unrivaled damage multiplier paired with invulnerability makes it a force to reckon with in Slime Legion battles.

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