Where To Find Copper in Core Keeper

Locating Copper in Core Keeper

Digging around in Core Keeper, you’ll notice copper is kinda a big deal. There’s this place called the dirt biome, pretty much a goldmine for miners. If you’re poking around the dirt walls here, you might spot some shiny bits. That’s your copper, not just there for looks.

Mining Techniques

Mining Techniques

You might wanna jump right in and start smashing stuff to get that copper. Here’s a heads up, the dirt biome is pretty chill, and you don’t need anything fancy to break through. Just smack the walls twice with your hands, and you’re through. But if you wanna keep it classy and not wear out your gear too fast, a pickaxe is your friend. With all the wood lying around, making wooden pickaxes is easy, so you won’t run out.

Enhancing Mining Abilities

Core Keeper’s got this skill tree where you can beef up your mining game. There’s this cool upgrade called “night vision” in the mining section. It lets you see two tiles further, which is awesome because it makes spotting those copper sparkles way easier. No more walking past copper without noticing.

From Copper Ore to Copper Bars

Once you’ve got your hands on some copper ore, the fun’s not over. You gotta turn that ore into copper bars. First step is making a furnace, but don’t sweat it; you just need 20 dirt walls. Then you need a workbench to get that furnace working. Lucky for you, a workbench is just eight wood pieces away. Throw your copper ore in the furnace, wait a bit, and bam, you’ve got copper bars. These shiny bars let you make better pickaxes and a bunch of other stuff.

Core Keeper doesn’t just stop with the dirt biome; there’s also the sand zone. Some folks say it’s even better for mining copper. Guess it depends on what you’re into.

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