Lost Ark Class Tier List: Best PVP and PVE Classes 2023

Lost Ark Class Tier List: Best PVP and PVE Classes

Lost Ark has many players that are important for every game aspect. From PvE to PvP, each player is designed to be successful in one or both categories. That is why we have put together a Lost Ark Tier List for every characteristic from the S tier to the C tier, from the PvE perspective and the PvP mode. 

This tier list has been created by experienced players who have not only played many hours in Lost Ark but have taken up expert players’ advice to understand each character’s significance fully. 

Lost Ark Best PvE Class Tier List

ClassTier Rating

When choosing your player, or champ, it is essential to consider your playstyle and what you are comfortable with in combat. You have people who focus more on speed and quick attacks, while others want slow but heavy attacks. Make sure you pick what you enjoy the most to master it!

We love to create tier lists, as they are not always needed; they are interesting to explore to learn new things about champions, especially when it comes to Lost Ark! Deep understanding of the game continuously improves your overall mastery in your playstyle, so let’s dive in together!

S Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvE

S tier is the most potent group of characters or skills in a game. In Lost Ark, S usually means support… but in this case, we are looking into something a bit different! These players are great not just for the experts but also meant to make the average player phenomenal in their gameplay.

With Paladin, these are the best support and tank combo that are in the game. While protecting the party and cleaning debuffs, they cause a significant amount of damage to bosses. Be aware, though, that their healing is not the best in the game. 

With Bard, you will receive excellent AOE damage with high utility and high damage buff. With an extreme amount of healing compared to the other support classes, this player can afford to be more versatile with newer gamers or simply essential in their chords and decisions. 

Gunlancer is the tankiest class created in the game, with a high amount of damage. Being a good Gunlancer means protecting the team, debuffing, and breaking the enemy’s armor. The Gunlancer can do damage and die way less than other classes in-game.

Destroyer is a bit more challenging, as they are a melee-based class. It can be challenging to align your attacks perfectly within the correct distance, but it is incredibly satisfying once you do!

A Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvE

A tier are pretty average and relatively equal in power level. Some are a bit easier, while others might be more difficult, requiring more effort. Whatever you pick here, expect a vast improvement and progress in any PvE content!

B Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvE

These are a bit more of a struggle to play compared to the rest of the group when it comes to PvE. B tier requires a lot of resilience and skill to get any really great value out of them. Put in the effort and you will see the results. Otherwise, these are some of the hardest to perform well with.

As mentioned before, these classes require a lot of resilience, but once you master them, nobody can stand in your way!

Lost Ark Best PVP Class Tier List

ClassTier List

PvP is a bit more complicated because players can play pretty dirty against others! That is why knowing the best classes to match up with is extremely important for victory and giving your best performance. 

Keep in mind that these tiers are focused on solo queues in ranked. We will keep the team dynamics in mind, but you should also remember that coordinating with your team is essential to keeping everything balanced. 

S Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvP

Below are the S tier ranked players based on the experience and opinions of experts across the Lost Ark community. Let’s take a look!

A Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvP

A tier for PvP looks a bit different than in PvE. Although they are not as strong as the S tier, they have a lot of value for any team, especially if the team has high comprehension. 

B Tier | Lost Ark Class Ranks PvP

These classes are not necessarily the worst, as they can be just as strong as the rest of the other groups. The only thing is they most likely have a competing class that already has more effective abilities. These require much more resilience and learning. 

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