Marauders How To Get Money Guide

Marauders How To Get Money

Marauders is a shooting game in which the player can go around and earn money all throughout the game. It’s a first-person multiplayer shooter game that raids and gathers valuables to buy equipment and other important items to go along the duration of the game.

Furthermore, Marauders is a game project that few users or players describe as ‘Escape from Tarkov Space’. Basically, you just have to develop your characters’ skills and equip them with armor and gears for them to last in a certain space. After which, as mentioned above one will go on raids and other money-making options to buy another piece of equipment for the quest.

Of course, there are tons of options that can help the player earn something in the game that can also be beneficial in buying gears and weapons in the long run. Down below are the things that help in money-making around the concepts in Marauders.

Do Raids

Marauders Raids

It is ideal to do raids in areas where you can benefit a lot and earn money. Head out of Iridium Mine Area and go to Airlock Gate No. E5 because it’s the closest gate to the safe you are going to raid. Unlock the gate and run along the tunnel until you reach the end and see a dead raider. The dead body might spawn sometimes but do loot the body when it’s there.

Now, go straight up left and go down the stairs where you will find a door with the name ‘FOREMAN’ placed out front of it. Open the door and you will find a safe under the table. Technically, the safe needs a lock pick to open it. And you can also get that lock pick when you start the game or where the dead raider is.

Ensure to check or look around the table for a gold ring. If you do see it, grab the ring and use the lock pick to open it. The safe might have jewelry boxes, war bonds, gold coins, silver coins, and copper coins that you can use to buy gear and other needed tools for the next quest. After looting all items in the safe, go straight out, leave the place, and head to the docking area of your own ship. Be sure to go through the escape doors to complete the raid.

After the raid, sort all items that you got from the safe and go to the trade tab, and select Captain Wolff to sell the items to him directly. Select all items that you wish to sell to him and you can easily have 60k+ money from selling the items from the safe alone. The raid tenure will be just 3-5 minutes depending on your skills to move around the prospect area. Be sure to buy armor, gear, and equipment with the money you got from the raid.

Complete The Contracts

One of the easiest ways to earn or get money in Marauders is to complete the contracts. There are tons of tasks that will pay you for your service once you complete them. This way, one can easily get the money after the task. It does have valuable rewards and other benefits once you complete them. Now, how do we complete the contract?

As mentioned above, in the early games of Marauders the best way to earn money is by completing the contract. You can skim and do core contracts as fast as you are capable of finishing them. However, there is a certain number of contracts that you can finish within the day. Some of it is fairly easy and a few need skills to complete it. Either way, finishing a certain contract can help in making money around Marauders.

You can also make money by selling your items – avoid selling crafty materials and don’t ever sell your coins and war bands unless you are in desperate need of money. Also, you can choose among your weapons which one you would like to spare and then sell the others to make money or scrap them. Make sure that you do not sell the best Marauders weapons.

Moreover, don’t unlock anything if you don’t need it. And kill other players whenever you are given the chance to do so. This way, you steal their items and have little competition in making money. Yes, it is a harsh reality as long as the concepts of the game are concerned. Earn as much as you need and buy weapons that can help you through the quest within the game.

Use AI Option

Use AI Option

To make money in Marauders, you can also earn as much by using a manned AI spawn to move across space. The AI spawn can now move along a capital ship to rob a few things so you have something to sell later on. Note that, you don’t have to bring equipment with you in doing so.

Capital ships appear randomly in the matches making it the best opportunity to let an AI spawn board it. It looks like a silver cylinder with rudders on the side. Whenever you see this thing during the matches, grab the opportunity and have an AI spawn do the work for you.

To make money in Marauders, a player needs to be observant of what the game is all about. Learning how to earn as much as but the equipment he needs is vital to his overall ranks and achievements in the game. Do the three ways above in earning money within the game and you are good to go.

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