Marauders Tier List: Best Guns and Weapons

Marauders Tier List Best Guns and Weapons

Marauders is a nasty first-person shooter game that somehow has similarities to the Sea of Thieves pirate antics and Escapes From Tarkov. In a variety of player-versus-player maps, you will engage in combat with a computer and other players in this hybrid looter spaceship combat game.

Marauders consist of different guns and various weapons. Each gun and weapon has its special features and the right use. In every game, when you use and choose your weapon right, most of the time you will survive and master the game. 

Talking about guns and weapons, let’s talk about what are your best options in choosing what suits your gameplay. 

Marauders Gun Tier List

Gun NameTier Rating
K1 AssaultC
1911 GovernmentB
1911 StampB
Bren Mk2A
De Lisle CarbineB
Heavy ThompsonC
Krása RifleA
LPO FlamethrowerC
Luger P08C
M1941 JohnsonA
M1A1 ParaB
M45 C
M50 ReisingC
Mauser M712 A
MG 42C
Mosin ObrezA
Sawed OffS
Sten MkIIB
Trench GunB
Viper MKIB

Best Guns in Marauders

Best Guns in Marauders

 There is a variety of guns in Marauders to choose from. But if you want the best guns, we got you covered. We listed the 10 best guns in Marauders.

1911 Stamp

A legendary sidearm with a distinguished military history— the ever reliable, 1911. The 28 damage per shot and broad presence in the early game make it highly reliable even though it might not be the game’s strongest weapon. It is an excellent substitute for slow play styles because 1911 swaps the Mauser’s fire rate for further power per shot. 

It fires.45 ACP ammo and is semi-automatic. The small magazine capacity of seven rounds is its biggest drawback. It is simple to get by robbing United Allies soldiers or breaking into United Allie’s supply caches. However, if you need it right away, you can purchase it from traders at a reasonable price


the very destructive weapon, BAR. It can easily win battles thanks to a full complement of excellent stats like damage, the capacity of ammo, and firepower.

The longer mag you have, the longer chance you will enable you to remain on the battlefield until your opponent is defeated while a converter will improve damage while decreasing recoil. A BAR can be collected in military areas or finally made at higher levels if you desire one.


Marauders BREN MK2

The Bren MK2 is a monstrous gun that can easily kill foes. It is a powerful automatic weapon with a large magazine that can deal significant damage. You’ll discover that the Bren MK2 will function properly in practically all circumstances. It uses the uncommon 7.62mm ammunition type to make up for its strength. Therefore, it’s crucial to make your attacks with the Bren count. Just like any other weapons and guns, you can loot BREN MK2 from military zones. You can find this gun in vaults and weapon boxes.

De Lisle

This gun is ideal for you if you appreciate stealth to all-out raiding. The bolt-action De Lisle Carbine has a powerful 36-damage shot and fires.45 ACP ammo. The gun’s silencer attachment, though, is its major selling point. 

Despite its sluggish fire rate and little magazine capacity, it is one of the few guns in Marauders with suppressing capabilities, allowing you to take out adversaries before they ever realize what hit them. You can get the gun through supply drops in the Kingdom Alliance. You can also buy The De Lisle if you reach high levels. 

DP 28

DP 28 Marauders

Some prefer big guns. They say when you have bigger weapons, the better chance of winning. One of the game’s most powerful and big weapons is the DP28. DP28 has a 47-round LMG that consolidates deadly damage with a rapid-fire rate and a sizable magazine. 

This 47-round LMG consolidates deadly damage with a rapid-fire rate and a sizable magazine. The DP28 can wipe down adversaries with a precise shower of 54mm-R bullets because of its minimal recoil stat. However, getting this gun is more difficult than using it. The sole method of gaining this weapon, which is on the uncommon side, is through supply drops or by purchasing it much later in the game.


The Liberator is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun that can burst opponents very easily. It has a four-round capacity and a whopping 85 damage each shot. The Liberator will quickly dispose of an enemy if you can approach them up close. 

Naturally, if you can’t get close enough to the target, like the majority of shotguns, you’ll find it difficult to kill a lot of things with it. You can find the Liberator on security officers’ opponents sited at Iridium Asteroid Mine. 

Mauser M712

If you are a beginner in Marauder, well this weapon is for you. It’s simple to think that a starter pistol isn’t worthy of your effort. The Mauser, though, can catch you off guard if you manage to get near to your enemies. It can fire in semi-automatic or fully automatic mode and employs the widely available 10mm ammunition. 

The Mauser works admirably at 22 damage, and it can be improved with a brace for reduced recoil or a longer magazine. Every time you use this weapon to kill someone, you will feel satisfied because of its inherent worth. When Marauders first launch, you will automatically gain Mausers. Players can also have additional Mausers via supply drops or can be bought from Captain Wolff.

Mosin Obrez

Mosin Obrez Marauders

Are you fascinated with small weapons that fire a lot of damage? If you answered yes, Mosin Obrez is the right gun for you. It is demonstrated by this tiny bolt-action pistol that size is not everything. It is a tremendously potent secondary weapon that deals 55 damage to each shot to foes. 

If your timing is accurate, you can knock someone out with just two rounds to the upper body. You will need to experiment with its slow rate of fire because it is a fastener weapon to make your rounds count.


If you want substantial damage without having to work too hard to get it, this semi-automatic rifle is a fantastic choice. It employs the more elusive 54-R ammunition, but with 40 damage, it has a powerful early-game punch. 

The weapon’s large recoil stat is the sole thing you need to watch out for. You will have to regulate your fire to increase its precision, so be sure to keep your distance and utilize cover when it’s available.


Uzi Marauders 2

Sometimes the Uzi seems out of place. But once you hold this little man, those emotions will quickly pass. This gun is a submachine gun that rips through foes using 9mm ammunition. It combines a rapid rate of fire with little recoil, just like its larger relative the DP-28. 

You would believe the Uzi isn’t all that noteworthy given its small ammo capacity. However, the range of accessories that can be used to change its capabilities is where its actual power lies. A suppressor and an extended magazine are examples of attachments you can use. The Uzi is one of the Marauders’ most adaptable weapons thanks to its versatility.

Best Weapons in Marauders

Melee Weapons

1. Machete – This weapon has a damage of 55 and a durability of 75

2. Bowie Knife – This weapon has a damage of 40 and a durability of 50

3. Pick Axe – This weapon has a damage of 40 and a durability of 25

4. Truncheon – This weapon has a damage of 40 and a durability of 25


  1. Small Shield – This weapon has a damage of 35 and a durability of 50. Shields have swing rates. This shield has a swing rate of 10
  2. Heavy Shield – This weapon has a damage of 45 and a durability of 50. Shields have swing rates. This shield has a swing rate of 5


  1. AP Mine – This weapon has a damage of 150
  2. Scrap Bomb – This weapon has a damage of 50


Guns and weapons in Marauders can either be crafted or simply buy them. Crafting weapons can only be done once they have unlocked Crafting Recipes. And the best way to get weapons is by looting. You can get the weapons of a dead player, you can loot them in containers or from dead nonplayer captains

Marauders are full of guns and weapons. These are the primary items to win the game. Knowing the right gun to use and where to loot them, will be a great start for you. More weapons are not mentioned in the list. But we listed the best and the most efficient weapons that can help you last longer in the game. 

Marauders are very enjoyable to play, one round could make you lose all your loot, but the longer you stay, the more eagerness and adrenaline rush you’d feel. 

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