What Are The Most Fun Classes To Play In Hell Let Loose

What Are The Most Fun Classes To Play In Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose lets you choose from a variety of classes, each with its own set of skills and attributes. Some classes are more enjoyable than others, and you may not always be able to enroll in your preferred class.

Also, playing the game for the first time may be overwhelming, and you may be unsure of which class to choose. Of course, you are free to choose whatever class you like, but if you want to be smarter, feel free to ask more experienced players which class to choose…

… But there are days when we just want to have fun and don’t worry about teamwork, so let’s get this article started, shall we?


Spotter in Hell Let Loose
Sniper’s BFF.

The purpose of a Spotter on your team is to acquire as many targets as possible and relay valuable information to your teammates, including friendly snipers. A competent Spotter can sneak behind a frontline and look for garrisons to destroy or report to your leadership, in addition to supporting Snipers. You can also block enemy artillery or destroy nodes while tilting the enemy team at the same time.

Spotter is not an easy class to play; it requires a lot of patience and might be rather monotonous because you should not be fighting on the frontline but rather giving intel to your teammates.


Commander in Hell Let Loose
Big Daddy.

In Hell Let Loose, Commander is one of the most difficult and important roles to play. You must regularly communicate with your squad leaders, assign tasks to them, and listen to their feedback. Commanders typically spend time on maps and planning strategy, as well as dropping supplies for teammates and planning artillery strikes on enemy locations.

Without a good Commander, you’re not going to win. You can’t progress in this game without the help of a Commander, you need supplies to build garrisons, fuel to refill tanks, and air support to annihilate the enemy team!


Medic in Hell Let Loose

Medic is the most unappreciated class in the game. It can be fun but you have to be aware of your teammates around you, in the heat of battle it’s always easy to miss them. Sometimes you might have to crawl for a straight minute to rescue one of your homeboys, although if people that you’re trying to rescue are stupid, it’s better to just leave them…

Also, Hell Let Loose is not a Battlefield game. You get shot in the head, you’re done, and you can no longer be revived. If you get dismembered by a shell, you won’t be turned into Frankenstein either.


Engineer in Hell Let Loose
Nothin’ to see here…

Engineers are known for placing mines in areas where the enemy could be. They can be played in many different ways, from planting explosives behind enemy lines or playing defensively. Good Engineers are gonna look out for their teammates as well – repair tanks, place nodes(munition, manpower, fuel), as well as setting up defensive constructions, like barbed wire, barricades, etc.

Overall, fun but hard to play. You have to cooperate with your commander and officers and make sure that your teammates got everything they need.


Support in Hell Let Loose
plays for the weapon solely

Supports can be useful in supplying ammo to Machine Gunners and other classes, as well as dropping supply crates – make sure to listen to your Officer and plant your node in a location that is somewhat safe from pricks who want to destroy it.


Crewman(Tank) in Hell Let Loose
Nah, those are AP mines, don’t worry!

These guys are in control of the tank. Controlling tanks can be pretty fun, especially when you obliterate a single soldier with a shell, you can expect blood and guts everywhere. Your primary goal on the other hand is to target enemy tanks – taking cover, positioning yourself correctly, and taking accurate shots are crucial. Make sure to play with your infantry and don’t distance yourself too much.

When it comes to the enemies, you have to watch out for the Anti-Tank and the Engineer. The Anti-Tank can easily destroy you with a rocket from the side, while the Engineer can get close to you and plant a satchel charge on your armor.

Tank Commander

Tank Commander in Hell Let Loose

This guy is responsible for leading the Crewmen of the tank, communicating with them, and giving them tasks. Your class has a rather high status, thus getting out of the tank too often leaves you vulnerable, so make sure you’re always safe and behind cover before peaking/exiting the tank.


Sniper in Hell Let Loose
Quite an annoying class.

Snipers have unique weapons with powerful scopes that allow them to see opponents from long ranges. You can also provide intel to your teammates about enemy vehicles, garrisons, and enemy nodes but also sneak behind the frontline and cause disruption with your Spotter.

The Sniper class is excellent against Machine Gunners and other Snipers but you can also change the tide of battle by eliminating Officers, Tank Commanders, and other higher-ups.


Rifleman in Hell Let Loose
The most common class.

A Rifleman is nothing too special, you are equipped with a weapon and your primary goal is to push through the frontline. You can expect the most action by picking this class but keep in mind that you’re going to die. A lot. Most of the Infantry that you’re going to encounter are suicidal rushers with no strategy or any sort of planning, so it’s important to inspect an area for AP mines, Snipers, and other threats. Listen to your Officer as well!


Officer in Hell Let Loose
Outposts? What outposts?

Each Officer is in charge of a squad. He gives out orders but he’s also responsible for creating outposts for squadmates, as well as garrisons for the whole team. Each Officer has to coordinate with their Commander and in general, make life easier for squadmates.


Anti-Tank in Hell Let Loose

As the name suggests, the point of this class is to destroy enemy tanks. It’s not as easy as it seems, as you need information on where the tanks are. Once you encounter an enemy tank, do not be trigger happy – make sure to flank him or wait for him to move till he’s positioned in such a way that you can easily destroy him with a single strike.

Don’t be one of those guys who use their bazookas against enemy infantry… unless you’re left with no choice.

Machine Gunner

Machine Gunner in Hell Let Loose

Machine Gunners. The point of these guys is to provide suppressive fire for your teammates, as well as defending objectives. Positioning yourself is key – you are extremely vulnerable to Snipers, thus shooting from behind a cover/changing spots often is crucial for this role to work out.

If there are massive swarms of enemies trying to rush an objective, you can easily turn the tide by mowing down everything that moves. Awesome and fun to play!

Automatic Rifleman

Automatic Rifleman in Hell Let Loose
Automatic weapons are always fun.

This class is perfect for urban settings, as you are equipped with automatic weapons. They are always superior to single-bolt or semi-automatic weaponry, which gives you an advantage over your enemies.

Newer players might use this class to play solo, and score frags but more experienced ones will coordinate with their squad and simply apply pressure with their automatic rifles+grenades.


Assault in Hell Let Loose
The most fun class.

The Assault class is for those who want to storm buildings, trenches, and other tight areas. They excel on maps like Sainte-Marie-du-Mont or Carentan thanks to their high rate of fire weaponry like the PPSH-41 or M1A1 Thompson.

Still, you shouldn’t go on a murder spree but stick close to your squadmates, and make sure that they’re alive by being the first one to storm a location.

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