Rage of Destiny Best Heroes Tier List 2023

Rage of Destiny Tier List

The Rage of Destiny Tier List outlines the best heroes in the game who will provide you with the best long-term value for your time and investment. Each hero is distinct and unique, but not all of them are the best. There will always be heroes who perform significantly better than other heroes. As a result, we created a Rage of Destiny Tier List to assist you in selecting the best possible hero who will provide you with the best return on your time and effort so you can dominate and be powerful.

Your in-game progression, goal, and situation are just a few of the many factors that influence which hero you choose and use in Rage of Destiny, but you can’t go wrong with Tier S heroes, who are the best in every aspect of the game and are worth using.

The Rage of Destiny Tier List is created by using high-end accounts in the best possible testing conditions in order to obtain the highest possible ratings. However, some factors, such as luck, chance, synergy, buffs, debuffs, and other similar things, are beyond our control when creating a tier list. Because that tier list is not 100% perfect and it can be debatable.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow it and put it to use. The Rage of Destiny Tier list will provide you with valuable information about which heroes are currently the best in the game. This tier list can be used by free to play, pay to win, and new players.

When you’ve decided on a hero, you can use all Rage of Destiny gift codes to get free items to invest in your hero. We’ve also made for you a Ragnarok The Lost Memories Tier List, Darkest Afk Tier List and Epic Seven Tier List.

Rage of Destiny Tier List

AharbFNoneShadow Squad
AravoFNoneWild Tribe
BannAMageShadow Squad
BaouiFNoneNature Alliance
BarkinSMageWild Tribe
BelfortFFighterWild Tribe
BodewickFNoneHoly Empire
BouvierBRangerHoly Empire
BraelynARangerNature Alliance
CeleroFNoneWild Tribe
DietrichA+FighterShadow Squad
ElizabethCRangerHoly Empire
EloisaA+SupportNature Alliance
EphraimSRangerCelestial Kingdom
FarinFNoneNature Alliance
FerzacSMageDemon League
GharrARangerWild Tribe
GiuseppeBRangerHoly Empire
GrogATankWild Tribe
HatharalBRangerNature Alliance
JessicaFNoneHoly Empire
KaliASupportWild Tribe
KarnawaASupportWild Tribe
KausCTankWild Tribe
KhamarBFighterHoly Empire
KratosSTankNature Alliance
LahiaAMageDemon League
LovelaceS+SupportHoly Empire
LucianoBMageNature Alliance
MayeloCSupportHoly Empire
MonicaBRangerShadow Squad
MoxusASupportDemon League
PaulusSMageShadow Squad
PosadaBFighterNature Alliance
RazomaFNoneWild Tribe
RoxanneFNoneHoly Empire
RufinaSSupportNature Alliance
SapphoFNoneNature Alliance
SarkassonF+NoneShadow Squad
SierraATankHoly Empire
SperrinARangerShadow Squad
TheranonBRangerWild Tribe
ThordinFNoneHoly Empire
TrigunaSSupportCelestial Kingdom
TsithiaC+NoneShadow Squad
VardisATankShadow Squad
VirgaCRangerShadow Squad
YonalaAMageHoly Empire
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Tier System and grades

Tier S – Overpowered
Tier A – Balanced
Tier B – Slightly Underpowered
Tier C – Underpowered
Tier F – The Worst

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