Raid: Shadow Legends Guide

Raid_ Shadow Legends Guide

Raid: Shadow Legend has been the talk of gaming town for a while. Even people who don’t belong to the gaming town might have heard its name. 

The game has a charm that draws people. Realistic aesthetics, refreshing fantasy setup, and the intriguing turn-based battler – do we need to say more? 

Do you also want to dive into this amazing RPG world? Well, we are with you. With tons of champions, different challenging modes, and so much to learn – it might be a bit complex.

There is no need to worry, though! We have prepared a comprehensive guide about anything and everything you need to do before starting this exciting journey. Please read it and thank us later!

Raid: Shadow Legends: A Brief Introduction

Raid: Shadow Legends is a mighty, meaty strategy role-playing game (RPG) – and one you shouldn’t miss! It is a fantasy-themed and turn-based gatcha game, and you can play it on PC, MAC, or your small screens. 

Your purpose is to gather a legion of champions to fight the enemies. You will undertake an adventure-packed journey to eliminate an unknown scourge and protect the beautiful realm of Teleria.

So, the purpose of the game is clear! Now, let’s understand some of the game-specific terms and procedures.

Affinity System

The four types of Affinities in the game are the bedrock on which its complexities are based. They define how effective any unit will be at fighting off others.

The champions’ affinities help you understand their good and weak points against others. There are four types of affinities. They are:

  • Magic (Blue) – Stronger than Spirit (Red), weaker than Force (Red)
  • Spirit (Green) – Stronger than Force (Red), weaker than Magic (Blue)
  • Force (Red) – Stronger than Magic (Blue), weaker than Spirit (Green)
  • Void (Purple) – Neutral with no counter and zero weaknesses

It would help if you keep in mind these relationships and match your champions with their most powerful affinities. This would go a long way in helping you win. Moreover, often it would be one of the chief deciding factors in a fight.

The Role of Champions

Champions are one of the most significant parts of Raid: Shadow Legends. Only the best and most powerful team of characters can help you gain triumph.  

The game starts with two champions, and you can assemble more champions with the help of Shards at the Portal. This technique amplifies your chance at various potential levels.

These levels are:

  • Mystery Shard: Common, Uncommon, and Rare
  • Ancient Shard: Rare, Epic, and Legendary
  • Void Shard: Epic, rare and Legendary
  • Sacred Shard: Legendary and Epic

It is wiser to invest in the unique champions (Epic, Void, Legendary). Because they don’t come by easily and you can’t replace them easily too.

With the help of Fusion, you can fuse four champions and get a rarer, higher champion. However, remember to keep a good collection of Legendary or Epic Champions and avoid combining any card that you have one copy of.

Not all champions have equal power so you have to check raid shadow legends tier list so you know on which champions you should focus on.

The Use of Artifacts

Well, this one’s easy. Artifacts are items that give buffs to any Champion. You can get a hold Of them with campaigns and quests and buy or upgrade it for Silver.

Your Champions can dawn six Artifacts, With more than one Artifact from any individual set grants buff to the Champion. 

If you wear two pieces of a basic set, you get a specific effect.  For instance, Life offers a 15% HP. With advanced sets, you need to collect four pieces. But it is worth it because the effects are way more powerful.

More Artifacts also mean bonus effects! So, one piece of advice – collect your Artifacts! However, be wise with your Silver. No need to upgrade every item. Anyway, it might get replaced with a superior one soon.

The Use of Germs, Energy, and Silver

The game’s currency is essential for you to move ahead in the game. Let us introduce you to the Raid world currency:

  • Gems – You need gems to upgrade and unlock the mine so that you can find more gems in turn. Moreover, you can buy Ancient Shards and other sorts of currencies you find in the shop with gems. You can also buy gems with actual money.
  • Silver – With Silver, you will be able to summon more Champions and upgrade your Artifacts.
  • Energy – You require energy to tackle any and every mission or quest you start. Energy regenerates up to cap. Thus, remember to use up any excess energy before regeneration. You can get a refill via actual money too.

Don’t worry; you don’t have to spend any money necessarily. You can achieve these currencies with the help of everyday challenges and quests. 

So, just a piece of friendly advice – complete the daily missions! Moreover, you can also buy Clan Boss keys, XP boosts, and potions from the Raid shop.

How to Get a Hold of Masteries

You will be able to specialize your selected Champion with a scroll resource through a series of upgrades known as Masteries.

It is only beneficial when you have Legendary or Epic Champions. Listen to us, and don’t invest it on a Common Champion. It would be a waste.

You can unlock upgrades with Masteries from three different sections. These are Offence, Defence, and last but not least, Support.

Scrolls will enable you to unlock such buffs. You can buy scrolls off the store or can achieve it by raiding the Minotaur’s Labyrinth. 

Masteries are your best bet to help your Champions specialize for the role you desire for them to work.

The Different Kinds of Game Modes

There is no shortage of a variety of game modes in Raid: Shadow Legends. In these modes, you can get important currencies that are useful for upgrading your Champions. Now, let’s talk about the different game modes:

  • Campaign – The main, central theme that is battling through different stages of varying difficulties. The purpose is, of course, rescuing Teleria from the Shadow.
  • Dungeons – You encounter two waves of heinous villains before fighting their boss in every dungeon. Campaign Bosses pale in comparison to Dungeon Bosses.
  • Faction Wars – In this mode, you get the option of choosing a specific Crypt. These Crypts contain various battle stages.
  • Clan Boss – For a Clan Boss, you have to get into a Clan first and buy a Clan Boss key. Now, you battle against a scary enemy and get impressive awards for winning.
  • Arena – If you want to fight other players, Arena is your place. Here, you can achieve rewards by winning.

To start, begin with a Campaign and build a good collection of Champions. Once you are ready and have some good upgrades, you are ready for the tougher modes!

How to Fight?

It starts easy. But you know the drill. With tougher levels and modes, it becomes increasingly complex. Don’t worry; we have some suggestions for you to help you become the combat master!

  • Unlock Masteries – Unique advantages await you when you crack Masteries against your enemies. 
  • Buff and debuff wisely – You can buff your units with various abilities and attacks. You can also debuff the enemy. If you happen to debuff your enemy at the right time, winning a battle will be easy as a pie.
  • Pay attention to items – Using buffs from certain sets can prove to be why you live or die.
  • Cooldown is important – Use cool down you earn from attack and abilities for a strategic attack against the opponent. With this, you can pull the trigger and beat them when it makes the most impact.
  • Synergy – Synergy and fusing abilities to form strong combinations will go a long way in this game. 

Quick Hacks For New Players

Now you know all the basics! All that’s left is to start. But before that, we have one gift for you! Here are some tricks and tips to help you master the game and stay in it for a long time:

Complete daily quests and challenges – You don’t need to spend money on the game to keep going. Just complete the missions assigned every day, and you can gain a good Raid currency.

  • No wastage – You need to be wise with your currency if you are playing to win without any actual money. Save your resources wherever possible. You might get a lot of temptation, but remember that you win by saving your resources for the best!
  • No short-term investments, please – Only invest your currency into upgrading a Champion whom you will make use of for a long time.
  • Save Rewards – A lot many resources such as double XP are more useful at later stages. So retain them for a time when you need them. No need to claim them hastily.
  • Unlock the gem mine ASAP – You should try and get the gem mine on a priority basis. Why? Well, if you want to play the game for a long time, accumulating your precious gems is a good strategy.
  • Take your time – the Raid world is a vast one. You have a lot to explore and learn. So, don’t worry about being fast. Take as much time as you want to get familiar with. There is no need to rush to the later game.

Summing Up

Raid: Shadow Legends is a very relevant game in today’s RPG scene. It has multiple characters, aesthetic and realistic setup, and an engaging storyline.

In this article, we have given a gist of everything-Raid. From Affinities to Masteries, we have explained all terms related to the game and how you can find your way in the game.

Moreover, we also have given our bits of advice and tips to help you get the hang of the game. We hope this article helped you and if you play Raids you are probably playing afk arena so feel free to check our AFK arena tier list. Happy journey into the Raid world!

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