Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels: What Difficulty Should You Pick

Remnant 2 Difficulty Level

Dive into the world of Remnant 2, a thrilling souls-like shooter game, and embark on an adventure that matches your style and skill level. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned veteran of souls-like games, Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels offer something for everyone. This guide will break down the different difficulty levels to help you make the best choice for your gaming experience.

Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels

It’s essential to understand the four main Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels, designed to cater to a broad range of player skills and preferences. These include Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse. Each level adjusts the strength of your opponents, ensuring a balanced gameplay experience, courtesy of the expert team at Gunfire Games.

Difficulty LevelMobs DMGMobs HPBoss DMGBoss HPExp

Survivor Difficulty

Begin your journey in Remnant 2 on the Survivor Difficulty if you’re a casual player or someone who prefers focusing on the story. This level doesn’t serve as a traditional shooter. Instead, it introduces a fair challenge that requires you to employ strategies like rolling, dodging enemy attacks, and even teaming up in co-op mode to defeat bosses. This level offers a robust and memorable gaming experience, while also allowing players to grasp the game’s mechanics comfortably.

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Veteran Difficulty

Next in line is the Veteran Difficulty. This level presents a sterner test than Survivor, perfect for players seeking to up the ante. The developers intended this difficulty level to provide a challenge without causing excessive frustration. As you dive deeper into this level, you’ll notice the necessity to strategize and use your skills more effectively, ensuring an engaging and challenging adventure throughout.

Nightmare Difficulty

For players well-acquainted with souls-like games, Nightmare Difficulty might be your cup of tea. This difficulty level showcases relentless enemies and heart-pounding combat scenarios. To overcome these challenges, you’ll need precise timing and expert combat skills. Consider this level as your personal proving ground for showcasing your prowess and tactical acumen in Remnant 2.

Apocalypse Difficulty

Last but certainly not least is the Apocalypse Difficulty – the highest peak to climb in Remnant 2. This difficulty level remains locked until you’ve completed the game once, representing the ultimate test of your skills. The gameplay here is intense, necessitating a thorough understanding of the game mechanics and a carefully selected character build to succeed. If you’re up for a grueling challenge and ready to push your limits, the Apocalypse Difficulty is your final frontier.

What Difficulty To Choose

Choosing the right difficulty level can significantly shape your overall gaming experience in Remnant 2. It’s crucial to consider your familiarity with the souls-like genre when selecting the appropriate difficulty level. If you’re new to the genre, starting with Survivor is recommended to get the hang of the game mechanics.

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Veteran Difficulty is a good fit for players with some experience, while Nightmare Difficulty should be reserved for those who have extensively played Remnant or are well-versed with souls-like games. The key is to pick a level that brings you the most enjoyment and satisfaction in your gameplay experience.

How To Change Difficulty Level in Remnant 2

Fortunately, Remnant 2 allows you to change your Difficulty Level at any point by interacting with the world stone. However, remember that making this change resets your progress in the current world, though your character and equipment will stay with you. This flexibility ensures that you can adjust your gameplay experience as you see fit, adapting to the challenges that Remnant 2 presents.

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