Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List 2022

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List will help you in finding the best heroes in the game. If you play Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes with the best heroes, not only will you be able to dominate the game, but you will also advance more quickly and, most importantly, you will become a more powerful player. There are so many different heroes to choose from, and each one is unique with its own playstyle.

There are certain heroes that will perform significantly better than any other heroes in virtually every aspect of the game. Knowing who those heroes are is critical if you want to get the most out of your time and effort because we all know how difficult it is to boost heroes.

There are a few things, such as your progression, playstyle, and goal, that you should take into consideration when deciding which hero you should use, but in most situations, you can go with heroes from tier S. It is impossible to make a mistake when selecting a hero from Tier S because they are the very best in the game.

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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List
Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List created by AhnaldT101
Tier List is created by AhnaldT101

About Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tier List

This Tier List is created by AhnaldT101 who is an experienced player. AhnaldT101 is so talented youtuber and knows everything about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. So make sure that you check out his channel and subscribe to him. The value of information that you will get from him is insane. 

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or if you disagree with any of rankings. Due to the fact that the order of each tier list can be debated, the comment section is provided.

You need to keep in mind that Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes receives frequent updates due to the fact that every hero has the potential to be changed, and as a result, both the meta and ratings will shift accordingly.

Using this tier list, you will be able to determine which heroes are the best, but just because you know who they are does not mean you should use them. It is recommended that you test each hero on your own, as doing so will help you learn how the game works as well as what strategies are most effective for you. Also make sure that you are talking with other players about their hero choice.

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