Street Fighter Duel Beginner’s Guide

Street Fighter Duel Beginner's Guide

Street Fighter Duel is a complex game where there are a lot of characters and in-game activities. You will spend a lot of time grinding and progressing. So in this guide, we will share tips and tricks that new players must know which will help them progress faster and have stronger accounts. 


One of the first things you should do in Street Fighter Duel is to reroll until you get the characters you want. This is a common practice in many gacha games, and it can save you a lot of time and frustration down the line. By creating a new account and rolling for characters, you can ensure that you start the game with a strong team. This is extremely important if you are free to play and do not plan to spend money inside a game. 

To reroll in Street Fighter Duel, simply create a new account and roll for characters until you get the ones you want. You can switch between servers to increase your chances of getting the characters you want, and you can summon on all of the servers with the same account. If you don’t get the characters you want, you can delete the data or reinstall the game and start over. You can do this as much as you want. 

Bounties and Loot

In Street Fighter Duel, don’t forget to do bounties and collect loot. Bounties can be deployed on stages and completed for free currency, and loot can be collected after completing challenges. The loot includes experience, gear, material for promoting, and rare stones.

Street Fighter Duel has three types of banner summons: standard, friend, and gem banner. You can use arcade coins and friend material to summon on the standard and friend banners, respectively. Gem banners require gems, which should be saved for the right time.

In Street Fighter Duel, you can also train in the dojo and compete against other players in PvP. By winning in PvP, you’ll earn tickets that can be used to challenge others. Make sure to build a strong defense and choose the enemy with the lowest CC to increase your chances of winning. Also, make sure that you are using the best Street Fighter Duel characters.

Focus on the Challenges

Focus on the Challenges

As a beginner in Street Fighter Duel, your main focus should be on the challenges. By completing challenges, you’ll not only progress through the story mode but also get free multi-summons and experience items.

Experience items are used to level up your characters, which is essential for beating certain levels. To promote your characters, you’ll need money and fighter experience, which can be obtained by completing challenges and playing the game. Gear and skills are also important, so make sure to equip and level them up. So make sure that you complete all challenges available.

Supreme Fist

One of the best modes for beginners in Street Fighter Duel is Supreme Fist. By progressing through the floors, you’ll unlock B and A-rank characters, items, and fragments. These items can be used to promote your character and enhance your BP, which is crucial for beating tougher levels.

Perks Mall and City Shop

In the Perks Mall and City Shop, you can spend your hard-earned currency on various items, including gear, fragments, and breakstones. Make sure to choose items wisely and focus on those that will benefit your team the most and make you stronger. 


As a beginner in Street Fighter Duel, it’s important to have fun and experiment with different strategies. Try out different characters, gear, and skills, and find a team that works best for you. By experimenting and testing you will get more knowledge about the game which is important if you want to be a strong player. Do not forget to redeem all Street Fighter Duel codes that will give you some awesome free items.

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