Summoners War Chronicles Leveling Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Leveling Guide

Leveling in Summoners War Chronicles is important because with each level your Summoners will become stronger. Problem is that there are a lot of different summoners and monsters in the game and it will take so much time in order to level them all to max level.

So in this guide we explain the fastest way to level a summoners in Summoners War Chronicles. Make sure that you are leveling the best summoners in Summoners War Chronicles and that you redeem all Summoners War Chronicles codes that can give you free exp for leveling.

Focusing on One Summoner

Focusing on One Summoner

One of the best ways to level up your Summoner quickly is to focus on one Summoner. When you have one summoner on max level it will become stronger and you will be able to complete harder content. This means that you will be able to level up your other summoners faster. 

Main Story and Area Exploration

Completing the main story is an essential part of leveling up your Summoner. The main story provides a significant amount of experience points. This will allow you to access new content and rewards. Area exploration provides extra experience points and rewards that can help you level up even faster. So make sure that you do them as much as you cna. 


Dungeons are an excellent source of experience points in Summoners War Chronicles. The Kairos dungeons and Path of Training will give you  a lot of experience points. Make sure that you are doing the highest difficulty that you can.

Florence Hot Springs

Florence Hot Springs is a little-known feature in Summoners War Chronicles that can help you level up your Summoner faster. By using bath herbs and selecting the “increased experience from clearing dungeons” buff, you can increase your experience gain in dungeons significantly. Don’t forget to visit Florence Hot Springs before you enter a dungeon to maximize your experience gain.



Reed Hill and Butterfly Tomb raids are quick and easy raids that provide experience points for your Summoner. They will not give you a huge amount but it is free so if you have a lot of free time you can do them to level up. 

AFK Farming

AFK farming is an excellent way to gain experience points while you’re away from the game. By using the Creature Book you will select creatures that you want to farm and auto farming will will get experience while being away from the game. So make sure that you are doing this every time you are going away from the game like going to work or sleep.

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