Summoners War Chronicles Orbia Build and Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Orbia Build and Guide

Each Summoner in Summoners War Chronicles has a lot of different builds, stats, and weapons that you can use, but not all of them are equally good. That is why it is important to optimize your heroes to unlock their full potential, and this guide aims to help you do just that.

We’ll be discussing the best strategies to develop Orbia’s skills, choose the right weapon, and select the most effective gear to create a powerful Summoner ready to dominate both PvE and PvP battles. We have other guides that will help you as a free-to-play player, like the Reroll Guide, Leveling Guide, and Summoners War Chronicles tier list so you can pick the best monster.

Weapon for Orbia

In Summoners War Chronicles, the weapons you choose can have a significant impact on your hero’s performance. For Orbia, it’s crucial to understand the different weapon types and their uses to make the best decision.

Light and Dark Weapons: PvP Powerhouses

Generally, light and dark weapons are more PvP-oriented. The light weapon can be beneficial in raids and dungeons, as it helps dispel buffs from monsters. On the other hand, the dark weapon increases Orbia’s survivability and tankiness.

Fire, Water, and Wind Weapons: PvE Specialists

Fire, water, and wind weapons tend to be more PvE-focused. For Orbia, the fire weapon is particularly strong, as it applies various debuffs that synergize well with other heroes like Naomi. With the fire weapon, Orbia can significantly boost Naomi’s crit rate and crit damage.

Orbia’s Skills

As you progress through Summoners War Chronicles, it’s essential to allocate skill points wisely. Here’s a recommended approach to developing Orbia’s skills:

Focus on Mandatory Skills First

Begin by investing in these crucial skills:

  • Consecutive Evasion: Maximizes Orbia’s evasive capabilities.
  • Mental Discipline: Grants Orbia 10 mana, which is critical for effective gameplay.
  • Concentration: Increases Orbia’s DPS output by charging mana every three seconds.
  • Luck: Allows Orbia to charge her ultimate ability faster.

Level Up Skills Gradually

Once you’ve maxed out the mandatory skills, begin leveling up all your spells simultaneously. Initially, focus on reaching level four for all spells. As you acquire more skill-ups, continue to level up your spells evenly.

Element Amplification

As you progress through Summoners War Chronicles, invest in element amplification to boost Orbia’s damage output and mana regeneration. This investment will make Orbia even more powerful in battles.

Gearing Up Orbia

To maximize Orbia’s potential in Summoners War Chronicles, it’s crucial to equip her with the best gear and stats. Start by farming gear in subjugation dungeons, focusing on level 10 bosses. Completing these dungeons will help you acquire epic or legendary gear for Orbia’s right side equipment slots.

Recommended Stats for Orbia

For PvE gameplay, focus on accuracy for Orbia’s ring. In PvP, prioritize HP or defense percentage to increase her survivability.

When selecting sub-stats, aim for the following:

  • Crit damage
  • Crit rate
  • Attack percentage
  • Attack speed
  • Accuracy

Upgrading and Choosing the Best Gear

As you continue playing Summoners War Chronicles, you’ll acquire better gear for Orbia. Upgrade your gear cautiously, ensuring that you’re investing in pieces with the right sub-stats. Focus on maximizing crit rate, attack percentage, and crit damage while adding some attack speed or accuracy as needed.


Orbia can be a formidable Summoner in Summoners War Chronicles if you invest time and effort into her development. By selecting the perfect weapon, strategically allocating skill points, equipping the right gear, and mastering her skill rotations, you can create an unstoppable force in both PvE and PvP battles.

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