Summoners War Chronicles Spending Crystals Guide

Summoners War Chronicles Spending Crystals Guide

Knowing how to spend your hard-earned crystals in the Summoners War Chronicles is extremely important. A lot of players are spending their crystals on things that are really not worth it. In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to spend your crystals efficiently, so you can progress faster and enjoy the game even more.

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Weekly and Daily Crystals Spending

Weekly and Daily Crystals Spending

Weekly Path of Growth Ticket Package: One of the best ways to spend your crystals is by purchasing the weekly Pot of Growth ticket package. This package allows you to obtain valuable runes and resources, essential for strengthening your heroes and enhancing your gameplay.

Daily Path of Adventure Refreshes: I highly recommend spending crystals on daily Path of Adventure refreshes. As runes make up a significant portion of your heroes’ power, you’ll want to collect the best runes for each character. Refreshing your entries increases your chances of acquiring the perfect runes for your heroes.

Daily Expedition and Raid Refreshes: If you’ve reached level 3 in the Expedition, it’s worthwhile to refresh your entries once per day. The legendary resources you can obtain from level 3 Expeditions are valuable for enhancing your heroes. Additionally, refreshing your Raid entries daily is a smart investment, as it can potentially double the rewards you receive.

Daily Repeatable Quests: Another valuable crystals spending option is purchasing additional entries for daily repeatable quests. Not only do these quests provide more opportunities for farming runes and gear, but they also grant Breath of Life and summoning scrolls, which can help you acquire powerful Light and Dark heroes.

Permanent Upgrades

Permanent Upgrades Summoners War Chronicles

Bag Expansion: Expanding your general bag is a great way to improve your gaming experience. The added slots make inventory management easier and enhance your overall quality of life in Summoners War Chronicles. However, I would advise against purchasing the Rune storage expansion, as it’s unlikely that you’ll accumulate enough runes to require the extra space.

Profession Tables: In my opinion, investing in the Alchemy, Processing, and Blacksmith tables is a smart move. These tables make farming and crafting more efficient, saving you time and effort. While the Cooking table might seem like a useful addition, I’ve found that it’s not as necessary as the other tables.

Maximize Exploration Opportunities: Opening a third exploration slot is another excellent way to invest your crystals. By sending out more exploration squads, you can gather rare resources without spending hours farming them.

Optional Purchases

Rune Presets: As you acquire more heroes, especially when Real-Time Arena (RTA) is introduced, you might want to consider unlocking extra rune preset slots. This makes it easier to switch between heroes and change their runes on the fly, significantly improving your gameplay experience.

Gold and Mana Refreshes: If you find yourself short on gold or mana stones, you might opt to spend your crystals on refreshing these resources. However, I would only recommend this as a last resort, as there are usually more efficient ways to farm gold and mana stones through regular gameplay.

Avoid Crystals Spending

Summoning Heroes: One common mistake many players make is spending their crystals on summoning. While it might be tempting to try your luck with summoning, I believe that it’s just not worth the cost. With 3,000 crystals equivalent to three days of daily rewards, there are better ways to invest your crystals for long-term benefits.


In summary, spending crystals wisely in Summoners War Chronicles is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience and advancing through the game more efficiently. By avoiding common crystal spending pitfalls, focusing on daily and weekly crystal investments, and prioritizing permanent upgrades, you’ll set yourself up for success in the world of Summoners War Chronicles.

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