Tekken 7 Tier List: Best Characters 2023

Tekken 7 Tier List Best Characters

As far as you can remember, you have been playing Tekken since you were a child and up until today. Through the years, this classic player vs player (PVP) or player vs computer (PVC) continues to be loved by the gaming community.

The seventh main installment of the Tekken series was first released in March 2015. And by 2022, Tekken 7 achieved more than nine million sales worldwide, the biggest in the series.

Tekken 7’s story unfolds with the disappearance of Jin Kazama and the ongoing war between G Corporation and Mishima Zaibatsu. It follows the story from the perspective of a journalist who lost his family in the war Jin started.

With its captivating story and new characters, Tekken 7 got more and more people to get hooked on the game. Also, that’s why you are probably here. If you love playing Tekken 7, you can follow this article’s guide about its tier list. Also, we have an amazing tier list for other games that you can check out like Vampire Survivors Tier List, Marauders Tier List, Total War Warhammer 3 Tier List, Grim Dawn Tier List, Risk of Rain 2 Tier List, and (TABS) Tier List.

Tekken 7 Tier List

CharacterTier Rating
Devil JinA
Jack 7A
Feng WeiB
Lidia SobieskaB
Master RavenC
Lucky ChloeD

The tier list is based on the character’s strengths, weaknesses, special abilities, and overall performance. With the addition of new characters, such as Jack-7, Gigas, Master Raven, Shaheen, Akuma, and Claudio, in the Tekken series, the tier list should be updated.


Fahkumrahm- As an expert in Muay Thai, his combinations of punches and kicks may deal extra damage to opponents.

Leroy– With his Win Chun, a self-defense martial art, Leroy excels in defensive stances waiting for the perfect opportunity to blow an opponent’s weak spots and vital areas.

Marduk– Characterized by his large build, Marduk uses powerful tackles to potentially reset his opponents’ moves and attacks.

Geese– While being an expert in defensive martial arts, Geese can land powerful attacks and combos that may deal high damage.

Akuma– Since Akuma is a guest character from Street Fighter, his techniques and style are unique to his character, which includes his intense damage output.

Steve– Steve usually relies on counter hits to score big damage against opponents.

Julia– Known for her fast strikes and ranged kicks, Julia’s unpredictable combos can make her effective and powerful against experienced foes.


Jin– Jin has one of the best parry skills in the game, making his opponents second guess their next move.

Paul– As a tough American fighter, Paul is known for his powerful punch that leaves extreme damage to enemies.

Bryan– Being an unorthodox kickboxer, Bryan has above-average pressuring capabilities and counter-hit damages.

Dragunov– Dragunov is considered a powerful character due to his ability to do reversal while crouching and an arsenal of dangerous moves.

Ganryu– As a sumo wrestler, Ganryu is slower than other fighters, but his heavy strikes can leave a lot of damage.

Devil Jin– Devil Jin excels in giving powerful punishers and pressuring skills that leave opponents extra careful for their next move.

Claudio– Known as a mid-range fighter, Claudio is quick and has an arsenal of safe moves.

King– King excels in defensive moves and low-range attacks.

Miguel– Miguel is an offensive player with a lot of available moveset for combos.

Jack 7– Even though a slow fighter, Jack 7 can cause a lot of damage once he hits an opponent.

Kazumi– Kazumi is an expert in punches and hand chops and can summon her unique pet tiger.


Feng Wei– Feng Wei’s fighting style focuses on palm striking and versatile kicks.

Lili– Lili has a long fighting range that leaves great damage output.

Alisa– Although some of her techniques are hard to execute, Alisa showcases powerful and fast strikes.

Eliza– Eliza has the same fight style as Lili and Anna who emphasize graceful yet powerful kicks.

Kazuya– Kazuya’s moveset is easy to execute – leaving mid to high damage.

Lee– Lee specializes in a variety of quick and hard-to-notice pokes.

Josie– Josie is agile and fast, making her one of the top picks for beginners.

Kunimitsu– As a kunoichi, Kunimitsu is one of the fastest and most agile characters in the game.

Shaheen– Shaheen has a broad range of pokes, counter-hit moves, and above-average combo hits.

Lidia Sobieska– Lidia focuses on Poland-style karate.

Law– Law specializes in close-range fighting, which can make him dictate the flow of the game.

Heihachi– With Heihachi’s aggressive moves, he has a high damage potential to opponents.


Negan– Negan’s fighting style focuses on his barbed-wire bat, which strikes opponents.

Zafina– Even though not a strong character, Zafina has unpredictable moveset that may leave opponents confused.

Eddy– Eddy’s fighting style is perfect for beginners. Due to his unpredictability, he can produce combos.

Asuka– Asuka is a great defensive character with excellent reversal techniques.

Xiaoyu– As an expert in Chinese martial arts, Xiaoyu relies on evasive, speed, spins, and flip techniques to deal with the damage.

Lars– Lars is an offensive and flexible player that can cause mid-range damage to opponents.

Master Raven– Thanks to her sword, Master Raven specializes in long-range attacks.

Leo– Leo is a flexible and balanced character who is good in all aspects.

Bob– Bob has hard-hitting and fast combos, which can give mid to high damage.

Nina– Known for her speed and chain throws, Nina is considered as one of the crowd favorites.


Katarina– Even though Katarina lacks in defense, her basic striking techniques deal good damage.

Lei– Lei is a character that is difficult to control due to being a high-risk or high-reward fighter.

Noctis– As a guest character from Final Fantasy, Noctis can still summon his weapons to help him in combat.

Anna– Anna specializes in offense with a beginner-friendly moveset.

Yoshimitsu– Combining sword style and ninjutsu, Yoshimitsu’s moves are hard to predict.

Hwoarang– Known for his kicks, Hwoarang showcases an agile moveset.

Lucky Chloe– Although her attacks are generally weak, Luck Chloe can produce combos that may leave high damage.

Kuma/Panda– Kuma/Panda can bring great damage, but evading an opponent’s attacks might be difficult.

Gigas– Gigas can become extremely dangerous once he gets his opponent on the wall.

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