The Best Way to Unlock Weapons and Attachments in Battlefield 2042

The Best Way to Unlock Weapons and Attachments in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042’s taken over the gaming world, loaded with all sorts of weapons and stuff to add on. To really get good, you gotta figure out how to unlock all these extras. I’ve been all over this game since it dropped, got all my weapons to the top level, so I’m gonna spill on how to boost your game.

How You Get Weapon Attachments

Basically, Battlefield 2042’s got this system for unlocking weapon attachments. Most folks are chasing after this but don’t really get it. Usually, you’re looking at needing around 360 kills to unlock everything for a weapon. Then there’s these Vault weapons that are kinda different because they come with everything already unlocked, but you can still upgrade them to tier one, which keeps things interesting.

Quick Ways to Unlock Attachments

There’s a bunch of ways to speed up unlocking attachments, depending on how you play.

Playing Against Bots for Faster Progression

Going against bots might seem basic, but it’s seriously a fast track to getting ahead. You can go solo in “breakthrough” mode or dive into custom modes through the portal, and you’re set up for fast wins. Usually, you can wrap up these bot matches in about 9 to 10 minutes, bagging like 120 to 140 kills each time.

Launch your game in “breakthrough” mode. Mess with some settings (not gonna dive into which ones). Always put AI on “beginner” level. Don’t let the easy label fool you; they shoot like they’re cheating, which makes them tough to beat. But heads up, after you’ve unlocked everything with bots, moving up to tier one isn’t gonna happen with them.

Exploring Different Game Modes

While bots get you there faster, mixing up your game modes adds to the Battlefield 2042 fun. “Breakthrough” mode is pure chaos, perfect if you’re after non-stop action. It’s also great for moving up your weapons and unlocking attachments.

If you’re into taking out targets from a distance, you’ll want to hit up “conquest” mode. This is where DMRs and snipers shine, giving you the chance to pick off your enemies with precision.

And there’s more, like Team Deathmatch and other custom modes to explore in the game’s portal. Custom Team Deathmatch modes are especially good for quick attachment unlocks.

Also, keep an eye out for custom servers in the “portal server”. Look for ones tagged “full XP” since they drop tons of experience points, weapon attachments, and other perks to help you level up.

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