The Finals Best Settings For Max Fps and Performance

The Finals Best Settings For Max Fps and Performance

The competitive landscape of “The Finals” is not just about sharp reflexes and strategic play. The visual fidelity and smoothness of your gaming experience can significantly influence your performance on the digital battleground. To ensure you’re not at a disadvantage, here’s how you can fine-tune your visual and graphics settings to maximize frames per second (FPS) and optimize your gaming performance.

The Finals Video Settings For PC

The Finals Video Settings For PC

Window ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour monitor’s native resolution
NVIDIA Reflext Low LatencyOn
Resolution Scaling MethodNVIDIA DLSS
NVIDIA DLSSUltra Performance
Field of View100
Motion BlurDisabled
Lens DistortionDisabled
Ray TracingStatic
Overall Quality LevelCustom
View DistanceMedium
Global Illumination ResolutionMedium

Resolution Settings

First and foremost, clarity is key. For those using a 1080p monitor, setting your video resolution to 1920 x 1080 is non-negotiable. This ensures that the graphics are crisp and you’re not losing vital details in the chaos of gameplay. Embrace the full-screen mode to benefit from a focused and immersive experience. Should you encounter any form of screen tearing, remember that it’s not a defeatist move to enable V-Sync; just a tactical one.

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Advanced Video Features

Motion blur may add a touch of realism to your games, but in “The Finals,” clarity trumps realism. Disabling motion blur and lens distortion should be at the top of your list to avoid any unnecessary visual noise. When it comes to Anti-Aliasing and Up-scaling, set the Anti-Aliasing Up-scaling (AAU) with a render scale of 100 for the sharpest image.

Field of View (FOV)

The FOV slider offers a tactical advantage, allowing you to see more or less of the battlefield. While the range between 80 and 100 is the sweet spot for most, pushing it further can widen your perspective. Bear in mind, a higher FOV may slightly decrease your FPS, but if your machine can handle it, the broader view could be worth the trade-off.

Detail and Quality Settings

Dial down the majority of your graphics settings to low. This is the cornerstone of performance optimization. Even the most detailed textures won’t help you spot an enemy faster. Adjusting your view distance can influence the game’s anti-aliasing and post-processing; however, minimal tweaks are recommended here.

For those with Nvidia graphics cards, sticking to the static settings for illumination will ensure the game looks good without additional performance costs. Shadows, while aesthetically pleasing, have less of an impact on your FPS and can be adjusted based on your preference. Post-processing can be kept at medium, considering its effects are often subtle and won’t detract from your gameplay when not set to high.

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Texture settings are a balancing act with your GPU’s VRAM. Too high, and you might experience stutters; too low, and the game looks bland. Find that middle ground to maintain both aesthetics and performance. Effects and foliage settings, on the other hand, can be turned down to low or medium. Less foliage might even help in spotting enemies quicker.

Finally, setting the global illumination resolution to medium or high can be acceptable, but don’t shy away from going lower if your FPS needs a boost. Remember, the ultimate goal is to keep your game running smoothly, with crisp visuals that enable you to react swiftly to any in-game situation. With these settings tweaked to perfection, you’re one step closer to dominating in “The Finals.”

The Finals Audio Settings for PC

The Finals Audio Settings for PC

Master Volume70
Music Volume40
SFX Volume100
Dialogue Volume40
Subtitle Text SizeSmall
Subtitle Background Opacity0
Enable Voice ChatOn
ModePush To Talk
Voice Chat Output Volume70

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