The Finals Best Settings For Max Fps and Performance

The Finals Best Settings For Max Fps and Performance

Getting your game to run smoothly in “The Finals” is about more than just having the fastest reflexes or the best strategy. How well your game looks and runs can really change how you play. So, here’s the scoop on tweaking your settings for the best FPS and overall gaming performance.

The Finals Video Settings For PC

The Finals Video Settings For PC

Window ModeFullscreen
ResolutionYour monitor’s native resolution
NVIDIA Reflext Low LatencyOn
Resolution Scaling MethodNVIDIA DLSS
NVIDIA DLSSUltra Performance
Field of View100
Motion BlurDisabled
Lens DistortionDisabled
Ray TracingStatic
Overall Quality LevelCustom
View DistanceMedium
Global Illumination ResolutionMedium

Resolution Settings

Sharp visuals are a must. If you’re on a 1080p monitor, stick to 1920 x 1080 resolution. It keeps everything clear, so you won’t miss out on any details during the game. Full-screen mode is the way to go for a more immersive experience. If screen tearing bugs you, flipping on V-Sync isn’t giving up—it’s just being smart about your gameplay.

Advanced Video Features

Real talk: motion blur and lens distortion might look cool, but they can mess with your focus in “The Finals.” Turning them off is a good move. For the cleanest visuals, adjust Anti-Aliasing and Up-scaling (AAU) to have a render scale of 100.

Field of View (FOV)

Tweaking your FOV can give you a bit of an edge by letting you see more of the battlefield. Most find the sweet spot between 80 and 100, but going wider could help, as long as your machine can handle the minor hit to FPS.

Detail and Quality Settings

Here’s the thing: lower your graphics settings to low. High-quality textures aren’t going to help you spot enemies any faster. Minimal adjustments to view distance are okay, but keep it simple. Nvidia users, stick with static settings for lighting to keep the game looking sharp without hurting performance. Shadows can vary based on your taste since they don’t hugely impact FPS, but you can scale them back if you like.

Medium is fine for post-processing since it’s not too noticeable and won’t mess with your game. Textures are tricky—it’s about finding that middle ground where the game still looks good but runs smooth. Effects and foliage? Keep them on the low to medium side. Cutting back on foliage might even make it easier to see enemies. Setting the global illumination resolution a bit lower can also help boost your FPS without making the game look bad.

At the end of the day, it’s all about making sure your game runs as smoothly as possible, with clear visuals that let you react fast. With these settings dialed in, you’re all set to take on anyone in “The Finals.”

The Finals Audio Settings for PC

The Finals Audio Settings for PC

Master Volume70
Music Volume40
SFX Volume100
Dialogue Volume40
Subtitle Text SizeSmall
Subtitle Background Opacity0
Enable Voice ChatOn
ModePush To Talk
Voice Chat Output Volume70

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