The First Descendant Tier List: Best Characters 2024

The First Descendant Tier List Best Characters

The First Descendent is a game you might consider your new Diablo. A co-op RPG 3rd-person shooter game that has manifested into the top-listed games for gamers. There are many characters and options to choose from when collecting that loot, which is why The First Descendent Tier List Guide is in order. 

We have put together a significant guide for you to follow that covers the tier list of each character, their skills, and what makes them potentially effective. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for your looting journey.

The First Descendant Best Characters Tier List

LepicSAoE Dealer
AjaxSTank Dealer
GleyAClose-Range Dealer
BlairBThe Fire Mage
BunnyBAgile, Mid-Range
FreynaBToxins Dealer

The First Descendant Tier List Guide

We have tested each of the following characters, along with some heavy research on which characters are more beneficial when playing The First Descent. There are many factors to cover, so let’s take a look at the lineup. 

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S Tier | The First Descendant Tiers

The S Tier is the list that shows the best characters you could choose within the game regarding skill and ease of play. We recommend these characters to be simply OP in each match-up.

A Tier | The First Descendant Tiers

The A Tier is still a great selection of characters to choose from. Although they are not the number 1 pick, they are still highly lethal and can be used for great looting successes!

B Tier | The First Descendant Tiers

Although not considered everyone’s favorite, the B tier is the middle ground when it comes to great The First Descendant characters. These characters are a bit more nerfed compared to the S and A tiers, although with a bit of skill, they can be powerful and fun to play with. 

The First Descendant Character Guide | S Tier

The S-tier is definitely the main group of characters everyone wants to know more about due to their abilities and power. That is why we have covered all of the information you need to know about using these characters based on the Beta players who have experienced them.


Lepic is commonly known to be challenging to master, although once you have mastered him fully, he is a lethal weapon. As Lepic, he is an AoE dealer with great strength in his metal arm and grenades. 

Lepics Skills includes

  • Nine Lives. Lepic has the ability to survive fatal damage dealt during an in-game battle. 
  • Grenade. It throws a grenade toward opponents dealing damage with extra power when Power Stream is active.
  • Traction Grenade. This pulls opponents in range, along with dealing damage in the game.
  • Power Stream. Boosts the ATK skills while including a burning effect with the grenades and arm launcher.
  • Arm Launcher. Like an RPG, this launcher sends a very strong shell toward your opponent. Thai lasts for the majority of your game. Arm Launcher is given extra damage with the Power Stream ability.


Ajax is the leader in team domination within the game with powerful barriers that defend allies while deflecting attacks. Ajax is one of the most OP characters so far within The First Descendant game.

Ajax Skills include:

  • Void Vault. Literally in the name, the Void Vault is used to store void energy throughout in-game combat.
  • Reversed Door. Creating a powerful shield for Ajax, the Reversed Door increases Ajax’s DEF and HP. Enhancing the Reversed Door shield can improve the reflection of damage.
  • Expulsion. Strikes any opponent in close range. Enhancing the expulsion can increase the knockback radius and increase Max Shield strength.
  • Void Walk. A jumping into the air and punching the ground, Ajax causes void damage to anyone in nearby radius. This will stun your opponents and increase Max Shield is enhanced. 
  • Hypercube. A dome-shaped shield, the Hypercube increases Ajax’s DEF and HP. Enhancing this ability reflects equivalent damage to DEF against opponents who hit the barrier during the game.


Viessa is a cold-hearted warrior. Literally, she can use ice to her advantage. Viessa features immobilizing enemies simply with cold air, sometimes freezing them as she passes by.

Viessa’s skills include

  • Ice Sphere. Circulating around the body, the ice sphere drops temperatures in the game by condensing the moisture in the air.
  • Ice Beam. The Ice Beam is an explosive inflicting Ice Shackle against opponents. 
  • Blizzard. Creates a snowstorm that eventually becomes explosive. This inflicts Ice Shackle on any opponents trapped within the Blizzard’s radius. 
  • Ice Shackle. The Ice Shackle can increase in two stages if directly hit or one hit if hit by the surrounding radius. 
  • Frost Fog. This ability helps increase Viessa’s shield and running speed using ice sheets that are shown on the ground where she runs. Any opponents who are affected by these ice sheets are dealt damage from Ice Shackle. 
  • Ice Wave. An arc of purely cold air, the ice wave inflicts more Ice Shackle against enemies.

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