The Forest Best Weapons 2023

The Forest Best Weapons

The Forest has many different weapons that can be used when running in this horror-based video game. To survive, we have put together some of The Forest Best Weapons that users have ranked across the gaming community and from our experience as gamers. 

We always ensure that each best-ranked list of weapons is for your own intent and is researched by highly experienced gamers. Let’s take a look at what you can acquire!

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The Forest Best Weapons Ranked

We have started with the least to the number one best weapons used in The Forest. To survive, you must carry a helpful weapon that will not leave you stranded for death amongst the cannibals. 

Weak Spear

The weak spear is not justified by its name, as it actually produces some significant damage to enemies. The weak spear is one of the best first weapons you can use. This weapon is great for close-range opponents or can be used as a long-range by throwing the spear at your enemies. To craft the weak spear, you only need:

  • Two sticks

These spears are only helpful at the beginning of your journey; as you continue, you will need to start building more intense weapons with better stability and strength. 

Upgraded Spear

The upgraded spear is a better version of the weak spear, with much more speed and damage. This is overall one of the most used weapons throughout The Forest as the average go-to weapon. It has some of the best advantages, especially if you can craft it in the early game.

To craft the upgraded spear, you will need:

  • One Weak Spear
  • Two Cloths
  • Three Bones

Eventually, you can craft what is considered the incendiary spear, which is even more lethal, where you can add a cloth and set it on fire. 

Crafted Club

Although you could obtain one by killing cannibals, the crafted club is made with lower damage but higher speed compared to the average club obtainable. Using one of these is equivalent to a modern axe with high block stats, making it a useful all-around weapon. 

To craft the Crafted Club, you will need:

  • One Stick
  • One Skull

Adding a cloth to the crafted club can also make it similar to an upgraded spear, and adding fire to use it as an even deadlier weapon. 

Flare Gun

The Flare Gun is perfect for wiping out a group of cannibals, mutants, or even some big bosses. Once you shot a flare gun, it sets your enemy on fire for quite some time. So not only are you causing damage from a bullet type of injury, but they are also burning from the flares fire. 

In order to find a Flare Gun, you must go to the most north side of the map where you will find the cockpit of the plane. The Flare Gun will be sitting in the seat once you enter. Just be careful of bears!


The Katana is straightforward to find in The Forest, and you do not have to fight anything to obtain it for yourself. The Katana is great for keeping things in line, being fast, and causing significant damage.

The Katana cannot be crafted but can be found within a cave with two entrances. If you enter through the east entrance, you can avoid the cannibals and fight anyone to retrieve the Katana.

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail is a lethal primary weapon to use before making your close contact damage. USing a molotov will help you cause a significant amount of damage to the enemy making it much easier to take them down once your are 1v1. 

In order to craft a Molotov, you must have:

  • One Cloth
  • One Booze Bottle

As a player you can find a lot of different Booze all across the forest which are key to creating this deadly weapon. 

Modern Axe

The Forest Modern Axe

The Modern Axe is an amazing weapon to use in The Forest. Not only can you use it to defeat enemies, but you can also use it to cut down trees to start building shelters and other valuable materials. The Modern Axe includes a knock-down ability which gives you a large advantage against enemies for further damage.

You can find the Modern Axe by going past the main cannibal village and entering into the cave. Doing this, you can find a stash room which contains the Modern Axe. The cannibals will take you to this cave the first time you lose all of your health. 

Modern Bow

The Modern Box is fantastic as a long-range weapon that causes some extremem damage when used. Depending on the kind of arrows you use, you can cause some major damage to enemies without the need of getting extremely close. If you are close to an enemy however, it is better to stick to a melee weapon.

You can find the Modern Bow by crossing the island bridge connecting to the main island. Going to the mountains you will find cave 7 which contains the Modern Bow.

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