Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes List

 Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

There are a lot of different Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes that you will find inside a game, and it can be quite overwhelming to know all of them. You can create different items like keys and potions, and each one of them has its own recipes. 

That is why we compiled a list of all the Treasures of Nadia Crafting Recipes and what ingredients they require. This will save you so much time and you will be able to progress faster. We will update this list when new recipes come out.

Treasure Of Nadia Crafting Recipes

ItemItem 1Item 2Item 3Item 4Location
???Death DollWhite Hair StrandWhite Hair StrandWhite Hair StrandChurch Sewers) Lost Underground
Algae ShockAloe PlantJasmineChlorineLimestoneAlbert Lighthouse
Aloe LotionAloe PlantBasic ContainerShea ButterGinseng PlantLighthouse
Ant KillerFossilized AlgaeRusty KeyQuartz Estero State Part 4-1AluminaEstero State Park
Bedroom KeyMaca PlantEssence of KeyAloe PlantJaguar HairMansion 3rd Floor Guard
Blow DartDartFeatherScorpion VenomBambooEstero Park
Camera RepairBroken Camera LibraryLoose Screws Doctor’s Office MRI RoomCamera Base Doctor’s Office MRI RoomSmall Screwdriver Caverns 5 4 Squallmart BackroomEstero State Park
Chest KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyBroken KeyChurch Room east of Madalyn
ConcreteStone TalismanDolomiteFly AshWhite SandEstero State Park
Deadly WhipWhipShoe GlueRoyal TalismanPoison ThornsCaverns
DehumidifierBroken DehumidifierGold TalismanSmall ScrewdriverSilver OreDeep Jungle
Four Leaf CloverClover LeafClover LeafClover LeafClover LeafN/A
God’s ShovelGod’s Shovel ShaftTalisman of the GodsGod’s Shove HandleGod’s Shovel HeadMansion Fountain of Youth
Gold CompassCompass PieceCompass PieceCompass PieceCompass PieceN/A
Gold TalismanStone TalismanGold OreStone TalismanStone TalismanEstero State Park
Golden TeddyBumpy CandleWhite Sand Deep Jungle 3 3Teddy BearGold OreCaverns
Grand TalismanGold OreFalse Talisman Caverns 2Gold OreGold OreCaverns
Hacking ToolKey CardEncryption ScannerID Card WriterSystem BIOSMansion Pool
Jade ShovelJade TalismanShovel Blade Squallmart $80Shovel Handle Parlor BackyardShovel Shaft Estero State Park 5-2Caverns
Jasmine Massage OilJasmineLove PotionRosa MossBasic ContainerLight House
Kamasutra Alla & Tasha ThreesomeTorn Page Orange Mansion Storage RoomTalisman of the GodsTorn Page – Orange Lost Underground 4-2Talisman of the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Diana & Clare Threesomeforn Page Purple Boat DockTalisman of the GodsTorn Page Purple Deep Jungle 2-3Talisman the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Emity & Kaley Threesomeforn Page Vellow Church Skoleton KeyTalsman of the GodsTorn Page Yellow Limbo EvieTalisman the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Janet & Jessice ThreesomeTorn Page Blue Estero State Park 2-4Talisman of the GodsTorn Page Blue Deep Jungle 1-2 Lower LevelTalisman the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Madalyn Soña ThreesomeTorn Page Green Mansion Locked BedroomTalisman of the GodsTorn Page Green Mansion Sofia’s BedroomTalisman the GodsN/A
Kamasutra Naomi & Pricla ThreesomeTorn Page Red Casula Temple 1-3Talisman of the GodsTorn Page * Red Mansion Fountain of YouthTalisman the GodsN/A
King’s ShovelKing’s Shovel Head Lost Underground 1-3Caull’s CoinKing’s Shovel ShaftKing’s Shovel HandleDeep Jungle
Loaded MusketOld MusketSiver OreOld BulletCleaning onCaverns
Metal LadderLadder SegmentSiver OreLadder SegmentLadder SegmentMansion 2nd Floor
Mystical Gas MaskPainter’s MaskGrand TalismanRy AshSuper GogglesCasula Temple
NitroglycerinSoapBasic ContainerNitric AcidSuiphuric AcdCasula Temple
Penetrating OilNall Polish RemoverBasic ContainerAloe PlantTransmission FluidLighthouse Mysterious Key Required
PickaxeWrench Grip Caverns 1-3Pipe Wrench SqualimartGaffer Tape Estero State Park 5-2Grappling Hook Previously CraftedEstero State Park
Plate Keyvate MedalionBrokm KeyGrand TallsmanBroken KeyChurch Sewers Lost Underground
Pvate ShovelPrate MedalionGold TalismanCursed ShovelJade TalsmanCaverns
Rat TrapPlastic WrapBasic ContainerGaffer Tape Estero State Park 2-1 Estero Key Attic Church SewersRoachThe Full Mast Bar
Rock BombNitroglycerinSiver TalismanBasic ContainerJade TallsmanEstero State Park
Rope LadderKnot Tying GuideTiny RopeTiny RopeTiny RopeDeep Jungle
Royal TalismanGrand TallsmanCaull’s CoinGrand TallsmanGrand TalismanLibrary Basement
Siver TalismanStoneSiver OreStone TallsmanStone TalismanThe Parlor Backyard
Stompin’ BootsLeather Gloves Pricta Ginseng QuestShoe Glue SqualimartDamaged Boots Lighthouse Albert’s RoomShoelaces Janet’s BathroomThe Full Mast Bar Men’s Room
Switt ShowelAlloy Shovel HeadSiver TalismanCarbon Shovel Shaft Full Mast AtticUltra Shovel Handle Estero State Park 3-2Light House Albert’s Room
Tomb KeyTomb Key SegmentTikpak ArtifactTomb Key SegmentTomb Key SegmentCaverns

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