Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards

Vampire Survivors Arcana Cards

Games would not be complete if it doesn’t have modifiers or additional skills and attributes. Characters or heroes alone cannot last long in a fight without these modifiers. In Vampire Survivors we also have modifiers, which we call Arcana Cards. It is a great in-game item that can change the way you play. Arcana Cards will help you grow more effective if you find the game too difficult to master. 

Arcana Cards can help your items become more efficient, can add gold, can add experience, additional projectiles, regenerates health points, and some additional skills also. There are numerous Arcana Cards that are provided by the game. Arcana Cards are not easy to get or claim. You must reach a certain level and sometimes you must last a certain time before you can get Arcana Cards. 

Arcana Cards

Arcana is a Latin word that means mysteries. In the world of games, it is associated with magic and sorcery. In Vampire Survivors, Arcana Cards is an in-game mechanic that changes the game. It is somewhat new in Vampire Survivors, it adds an additional flavor to the game. 

Arcana Cards can drastically change how you play the game, you can bend the rules of the game, or even make the game more interesting. Some Arcana Cards have effects on weapons. Some weapons can have different attributes. Some can add experience and movements. You will just have to know the different types of combinations to use these cards to their maximum potential. 

Every Arcana Cards have different roles and additional gameplay. The beauty of this is that the player can decide whether to disable the card or enable it in the selection screen. Enabled Arcanas grants you 3 Arcana cards during a play. 

Here are the 3 selections during a play:

Vampire Survivors
  1. At the very beginning of a round, all of the Arcana Cards are labeled as options. By clicking the question mark, the game will randomly choose one Arcana Card for you.
  2. When you reached 11 minutes, there will be 4 Arcana Cards that are randomly given to you
  3. When you reached 21 minutes, there will be also 4 random Arcana Cards that will be given to you

As of the current update, there are 22 Arcana Cards that can be played in Vampire Survivors. Each Arcana Card has a corresponding roman numeral. 

List of Arcana Cards

Game Killer-Stops your experience gain
-Can turn gems to projectiles that explodes
- All collected treasure chest may contain 3 items
Can be unlock by killing the boss in Cappella Magna
GeminiCertain weapons is combined with another weaponCan be unlock by playing as Pugnala and reach level 50
Twilight Requiem-Certain weapons that have projectiles can create explosions
- The damage of these explosions are affected by the Curse
Can be unlock by playing as Dommario and reach level 50
Tragic PrincessCertain weapons will reduced its cooldown while movingCan be unlock by playing as Porta and reach level 50
Awake-The card will give you an additional 3 revivals
-Every revival used is equivalent to additional 10% of your Max Health
-Armor, Area, Might, and Speed will also be added
Can be unlock by playing Krochi and reach level 50
Chaos in The Dark-Projectile speed can change continuously between negative 50% and positive 50% in 10 seconds
-Your chosen hero will gain extra 1% in projectile speed in each level reached
Can be unlock by playing Giovanna and reach level 50
Sarabande of HealingCan double your healing recoveryCan be unlock by finding the Randomazzo
Iron Blue WillCertain weapons can have 3 bounces in their projectiles and may get through enemies wallCan be unlock by playing as Gennaro and reach level 50
Mad Groove-Can attract common items like light sources, stage items, and pickups to your chosen hero
-Effect has a duration of 2 minutes
Player must reach 31 minutes in Mad Forest
Divine Bloodline-Acts as an armor
-Certain weapons can reflect damages from enemies
-Hero chosen will have bonus damage
-Can give slight additional health points
Can be unlock by playing as Clerici and reach level 50
Beginning-Certain weapons get an additional 1 amount
-Evolved items will have an additional 3 amount
Can be unlock by playing as Antonio and reach level 50
Waltz of PearlCertain weapons will have extra 3 bounces on their projectilesCan be unlock by playing as Imelda and reach level 50
Out of BoundsCan create explosions on freezing enemiesCan be unlock in Gallo Tower and reach 31 minutes
Wicked Season-Can double certain attributes like greed, curse, and growth
-The effect starts with an interval of 2 levels
Can be unlocked by playing as Christine and reach level 50
Jail of CrystalCertain weapons can freeze enemiesCan be unlock by playing as Pasqualina
Disco of Gold-Let’s the hero get golds as it restores health points
-An attribute called Gold Fever is triggered
Can be unlock in Inlaid Library and reach 31 minutes
SlashCertain weapons will have an additional critical and double the damageCan be unlock by playing as Lama and reach level 50
Lost and Found Painting-Can grant character an additional 1% each level in duration
- Duration can change continuously between negative 50% and positive 50% in 10 seconds
Can be unlock by playing as Poppea and reach level 50
Boogaloo of Illusions- Area can change continuously between negative 25% and positive 25% in 10 seconds
-Can grant character an additional 1% each level in area
Can be unlock by playing as Concetta and reach level 50
Heart of Fire-Certain weapons can explodes on projections on impact
-Arca can explode while being hit
Can be unlock by playing as Arca and reach level 50
Silent Old Sanctuary-Grants an additional 3 reroll, banish and skip
-adds 20% might and a negative 8% cooldown
Can be unlock in Dairy Planet and reach 31 minutes
Blood AstronomiaCertain weapons can produce special damage that are affected by Magnet
-When affected by Magnet, enemies within the perimeter will be damaged
-Damage on enemies is based on the current Amount
Can be unlock by playing as Poe and reach level 50

The list includes the description of each Arcana Card and its additional attributes. Also, it includes how to unlock the Arcana Cards.

More Ways to Unlock Arcana Cards

There are Arcana Cards that are easy to claim or unlock. You can also get Arcana Cards as a reward if a treasure chest is dropped by a particular boss. Here is some additional information to unlock a particular Arcana Card. 

To unlock an Arcana Card, particularly the Sarabande of Healing, you will find a relic named Randomazzo. You can find the Randomazzo in the Gallo Tower, which is the fourth stage of Vampire Survivors. The game will guide you in finding the Randomazzo, if you have reached the fourth stage, a green arrow will appear on your screen, and it will guide you to the Randomazzo. Once you have picked up the Randomazzo, you will unlock the mechanics of using the Arcana. 

You can also unlock an Arcana Card when you reach the boss in Capella Magna and defeat it. This is the final main stage of Vampire Survivors. You will have an Arcana Card called Game Killer. Although this Arcana Card can stop your XP, all gems will be explosions to the nearest enemies. 


Arcana Cards can help the players survive longer and enjoy the game more. This kind of additional mechanic shows how creative game developers are. 

Always take note to use the Arcana Cards wisely and follow their combination with weapons. Be patient with having Arcana Cards, it may take you a lot of time but it is worth it. Unfortunately, if you are a beginner you can’t access these cards. There are no Arcana Cards at the very beginning of the Vampire Survivors.

You can master the game instantly if you can collect Arcana Cards and be a savage in Vampire Survivors. Characters, Weapons, Arcana Cards, all of these can help you play the game with ease. Vampire Survivors is an easy game to play, just follow the combinations and survive each stage.

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