Vampire Survivors Powerup Order

Vampire Survivors powerup order

The PowerUp menu in Vampire Survivors could look simple. However, the scaling cost will usually screw us over in the long run. Making it extremely pricey to afford all the abilities from the PowerUp list. That’s why we’ll go over the Vampire Survivors PowerUp order.

Why PowerUp Order matters in Vampire Survivors

The PowerUp order may seem inconsequential in Vampire Survivors , especially if you are somebody who doesn’t use a couple of the options. However, stats that may not seem important are still worth upgrading early, both due to their latter utility and reduction of cash.

We will go through the PowerUps, explain them somewhat, and cover which goes in what order. This rundown should only be applied if you are an experienced player wishing to optimize spent money. Otherwise, the lower impact of some initial options could hamper your runs.

Powerup Order in Vampire Survivors


The first and foremost PowerUp you should get is Revival. With the Revival, we get another chance at life. Although it isn’t a full health revival, it will still help immensely. With the way Vampire Survivors works, it’s possible to get accidentally killed by a quick swarm of enemies. Keeping this as a backup solution is preferred. It will also be far less pricey to buy this expensive upgrade early.


Vampire Survivors Amount

Another expensive and powerful stat. Amount determines how many projectiles each of your weapons fire off. It has only one rank available, but that only improves its priority.


Curse can negatively affect our runs by increasing enemy speed, health, numbers, and frequency. Those who are new to the game may want to avoid getting this stat despite it being optimal. Has 5 ranks.


Increasing the Growth stat increases your experience gain. It will speed up the early farming on every run, no matter the build or character. Has 5 ranks.


Vampire Survivors Reroll

Your ability to construct better builds is based on luck as well as knowledge of the game. Reroll is a stat that increases our chances of getting what we need by rerolling the shop options. Has 4 ranks.


Each weapon fires faster the more cooldown you have. The importance of this stat is universal to any weapon. Has 2 ranks.


To survive longer, you may need some sustain. This will come in the form of Armor, among other things. With this stat, you could get a longer lease on life. Has 3 ranks.


Affecting all things random, we have Luck. It affects critical hits, rewards, and much more. Has 3 ranks. 


Might simply increases your damage. This stat affects almost any weapon leading to easier runs and dealing more damage to every creature. Has 5 ranks.


Those who end up getting damaged by enemies sporadically will find use from Recovery. This stat recovers your health slowly. As the run goes on, it will become less useful, but it can allow for some risky early plays. 


Vampire Survivors Greed

Getting more money means more upgrades which is where Greed comes in. Greed increases cash, and while it is at the halfway point of this list, it will make acquiring the remaining items much easier. Has 5 ranks.


For weapons with a focus on the area of effect, we’ll need Area. This stat affects how far some of our weapons reach. Has 2 ranks.


Weapon speed is rarely needed. Speed is coming in handy in only a few cases, but when it does, we will be glad to have it. Has 2 ranks.


Some weapons have a certain duration before dissipating. That’s affected by a weapon’s duration. With this PowerUp, we’ll be stronger with every weapon that needs it. Has 2 ranks.

Move Speed

Moving fast is important, especially with mobs on your back. Speed comes at 13th spot with its utility and price consideration. Has 2 ranks.


Vampire Survivors Magnet

Attracting nearby items is what Magnet is for. Sometimes those experience gems are just out of range, so it’s worth having with some far-reaching weapons. Has 2 ranks.

Max Health

The higher the health, the more punishment we can take. Having that extra few hits is always a great choice. Has 3 ranks.


For those who wish to optimize their chance of getting certain items, Banish is the perfect pick, coming almost last in this list due to optimization of cost. Has 4 ranks.


Lastly, we’ll level Skip. It allows us to keep a choice of level up. That will put us behind for the moment but enhance the overall experience and improve our build. Has 3 ranks.

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