Vampire Survivors Tier List: Best Characters

Vampire Survivors Tier List Best Characters

It is like going back in time and reminiscing about your childhood while you play some classic game with low graphics. One of the best classic genre games is shoot-em-up games. A shoot-em-up game is when a player must protect themselves against an incredible storm of direct fire. Players in these games must move quickly and fire quickly since the enemies are determined to destroy them. These kinds of games will test the coordination of your hand and eye, and your reflexes as well. 

Even though shoot-em-up games started way back in 1962, game developers sometimes stick to this kind of genre. It is the graphics sometimes that fascinate players and some players like a lowkey game that is not overhyped and there is a small community of players within the game. 

Shoot-em-up games have become part of pop culture and we can thank the creators of some shoot-em-up games who gave us an awesome childhood and a whole new world of gaming.

The best example of a shoot-em-up game that will make you reminisce about your childhood is Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors is created and developed by Luca Galante. It was released in December 2021. Like the title of the game, it is a survival shoot-em-up game. It has a low graphic design but doesn’t belittle the game because it is very hard to master. One thing is certain: you will die most of the time in-game, but it will be enjoyable. You must be patient to succeed in this game, and you will improve if you maintain your composure and of course, survive.

Vampire Survivors have many characters. To be exact there are 36 characters that you can play. In this article, we will show the character tier list of Vampire Survivors and discuss each character. If you are a beginner, we will also show you how to play the game and will teach you how to survive. 

Vampire Survivors Tier List

CharactersTier List
Pugnala ProvolaS
Yatta Cavallo S
Mortaccio S
Imelda Belpaese S
Arca LadonnaS
Sir AmbrojoeS
Poppea PecorinaS
Gennaro BelpaeseA
Krochi FreettoA
Lama LadonnaA
Zi’Assunta BelpaeseA
Bianca RambaA
Porta LadonnaA
Christine DavainA
Pasqualina BelpaeseB
Giovanna GranaB
Suor ClericiB
Concetta CaciottaB
Antonio BelpaeseB
Mask of the Red DeathC
Exdash ExiviiqC
Poe RatchoC

Vampire Survivors have 36 characters. These characters are playable. There are also 12 secret characters and 1 removed character. The characters are divided into S-tier, A-tier, and B-tier. Tier lists are used to visualize the ranking of a certain character in a group. 


The S-tier group or the Super Tier contains characters that are best to use, have the leading weapons, and have elite abilities. 

Pugnala Provola

pugnala provola vampire survivors

Pugnala Provala is a character who has two weapons at the start of the game. Her weapons are Eight the Sparrow and Phierra Der Tuphello. Her passive is an improvement in movement speed and an increase in damage. Provala can be unlocked at the mad forest if you find her coffin. 


If you are a beginner, this hero is for you. Dommario has great offense options. His passive can increase his duration in projectile and speed. But utilizing his passive can decrease the movement speed. 

Yatta Cavallo 

yatta cavallo vampire survivors

He is also one of the best characters to play in the game. He has perfect abilities and is passive. He can increase the amount of projectile of every weapon. His weapon at the start is called a cherry bomb. 


Mortaccio has a weapon called Bone. It is just a bone that deals a lot of damage. He can increase projectiles. If used correctly, he is an amazing character to play. Kill 3000 skeletons and you can unlock him. 

Imelda Belpaese 

Imelda Belpaese - Vampire Survivors

She is a good character for beginners also. Her weapon is called a Magic Wand. Her passive can help her upgrade faster than the others during the game. If you understand her skill and abilities, she is a good character. 

Arca Ladonna

Arca Ladonna has decent abilities. The only problem with this hero is she has slow projectiles. Her projectiles deal high damage but shoot randomly. She has a weapon called a Fire Wand. 

Sir Ambrojoe

sir ambrojoe vampire survivors

This character has a great passive ability. His passive can increase projectiles every 20 levels. His weapon is called La Robba. 


Vampire Survivors have secret characters and Leda is one of them. She is also a boss. Her passive increases in armor, might, area, and cool down. But has a negative passive in movement speed. 

Poppea Pecorina

Poppea Pecorina Vampire Survivors

Pecorina is a unique character to play in the game. Her weapon is Song of Mana. Her passive increases duration at every level. 


Characters in these tiers are also good and have decent weapons. They are easy to play but most of them have poor passive. 

Gennaro Belpaese

Gennaro Belpaese  Vampire Survivors

He is a good character. His starting weapon is decent and has great passive. He is in A-tier because compared to the heroes in S-tier, he has no match for those heroes. 

Krochi Freetto

This hero is unique because he has freebies. He has free revive and can increase his movement speed. His weapon at the start of the game is a cross. 

Lama Ladonna

Her weapon at the start of the game is called Axe. Her passive is a bit strange; she can make her enemies faster and stronger while she increases her stats. It is a bit strange for a hero. 

Zi’Assunta Belpaese

She has a weapon called Vento Sacro which is one of the terrible weapons in Vampire Survivors. Although she has great passive, her weapon can cause you to lose. 

Bianca Ramba

Carrello is her starting weapon. She has a good passive. She can be unlocked by casting a spell named “carramba” in Forbidden Scrolls. 

Porta Ladonna

Her starting weapon, the lighting ring, deals high damage to enemies. Although her passive is not useful in her gameplay, she has a good weapon to start with. Her weapon, the lighting ring, can fire randomly but it has a long-duration of cooldown. 

Christine Davain

One of the uniqueness of this character is that she can get items for free at the start of the game. And yes there is a catch, a 35% penalty on damage is applied to her. Her weapon is called Pentagram. 


Characters in this tier have some ineffective passive and junk weapons. Although of course, they have unique abilities on their own.

Pasqualina Belpaese

Pasqualina Belpaese Vampire Survivors

She can start the game with additional speed. She increases her speed in every 5 levels up to level 15. Her passive is about speed. Her weapon is called Runetracer.

Giovanna Grana

In every level, she can increase her projectile speed by 1% and can start the game with high movement speed. Her weapon is called Gatti amari. 

Suor Clerici

He is a defensive type of character. His passive is basically about defensive stats and health regen. His weapon is called Santa Water. 

Concetta Caciotta

This character, when played, is cursed at the start of the game. And you don’t want that. Her weapon is called Shadow Pinion, and it is undoubtedly the worst weapon in the whole game. She can be easily unlocked but I do not suggest this character. 

Antonio Belpaese

He has a good passive and a good weapon. He can deal decent damage to enemies. He is also easy to control. 

C Tier

  1. Mask of the Red Death
  2. Exdash Exiviiq
  3. Poe Ratcho
  4. Toastie

Short Beginner’s Guide to Vampire Survivors

Once you start to unlock new characters, you can make them unstoppable, you will start to appreciate the game. While learning how to play the game, there are some tactics you can use, and by doing so, you will understand the game more quickly and prevent dying every time you play.

Control your chosen hero

You can play the game with a mouse, keyboard, and controller. The best and most advisable is to play the game with a controller. A controller is easy to use and good for beginners in any game. 

It’s Okay to Die 

You will die a lot and need to survive every time. But don’t stress yourself it’s okay to die, it is part of the game and more enjoyable if you keep on dying every time. Also, this way you can master the game fast. 

Be Offensive

The main objective of the game is to live by eliminating as many opponents as you can. Playing defensively will make it harder for you to advance in the game because you won’t have the strength to defeat them and will be overwhelmed. Killing opponents should be your main priority so that you can gain more experience to enhance your weapons and get some gold to buy more power-ups.

Powers-ups and Loot

In every game and genre you play there is always loot, some games need quests or chests, but in Vampire Survivors you need to collect loot. This will help you gain experience and gold. Power-ups are also important. Power-ups will help you be strong in the game and can survive longer. 


Pay close attention to the time in maps or also called map timers and discover what occurs at particular intervals. The time of each map’s events varies. By segmenting your run into manageable pieces, you can plan your run. These are things like when bosses and waves of enemies spawn in the game, or when evolution crates are dropped.


If you’re just starting, you don’t know which character to pick in Vampire Survivors. After reading this guide, you can play and master the game easily.

Vampire Survivors can be stressful at first because of the high possibility of you being killed every single time. But that’s the fun of the game, and from the title itself, “Survivors”, you need to survive. 

This shoot-em-up game is great and has a pop culture genre on it. Start playing now and enjoy the world of Vampire Survivors.

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