What is and How to Unlock Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

What is and How to Unlock Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

Do you enjoy playing survival games like Plants vs Zombies, where waves of zombies are set to attack your house? If your answer is yes, then you have also probably heard about Vampire Survivors, which became quite popular right after its release last December 2021. 

Vampire Survivors features roguelike elements with its primitive graphics and hack-and-slash gameplay. The goal of the game is to survive a horde of creatures for 30 minutes by using gears and weapons to kill them. After defeating the monsters, the player can collect experience gems and helpful items, which can be used while in play or in succeeding rounds. 

To experience different stages and events, you can play Vampire Survivors in four modes – Hurry, Inverse, Endless, and Hyper modes. You are probably here because you are curious about the Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors. 

Fortunately, this guide can help you understand what is and how to unlock Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors. 

Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

Are you getting tired of the same stages in Vampire Survivors? You should try to up your game by playing in Hyper Mode. 

Hyper Mode, as its name implies, the horde of enemies attacking you will get more hyper by increasing their movement speed, projectile speed, health bar, and the number of monsters spawning at a time.

Also, since you are dealing with hyper enemies, this mode increases the multipliers for gold and luck. That way, you can get more resources from it than in the normal mode. 

Unlock Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors

The Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors can get the game more exciting and challenging to play. But you need to unlock this mode first before you can play. 

Unlocking the Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors depends on the stage you play and/or the enemy appearing at the 25-minute mark. Hers is the guide on how to unlock the Hyper Mode in each stage: 

  • Mad Forest – after defeating the Giant Blue Venus at the 25-minute mark.
  • Inlaid Library – after defeating the Hag at the 25-minute mark.
  • Dairy Plant – after defeating the Sword Guardian at the 25-minute mark.
  • Gallo Tower – after defeating the Giant Enemy Crab at the 25-minute mark.
  • Capella Magna – after defeating the Trinacria at the 25-minute mark. 
  • II Molise – after unlocking hyper mode in one normal stage. 
  • Green Acres – after unlocking hyper mode in two normal stages. 
  • The Bone Zone – after unlocking hyper mode in three normal stages. 
  • Moongolow – after unlocking hyper mode in four normal stages. 
  • Boss Rash – after unlocking hyper mode in five normal stages. 

Tips to Last Longer in Vampire Survivors

Since unlocking Hyper Modes mostly involves defeating a creature spawning at the 25-minute mark, you might need some tips to last longer in Vampire Survivors. You can follow the guide presented below: 

Tip #1: Level Up as Much as Possible

Some players in Vampire Survivors prioritize defense instead of offense. It can be a good tactic at the start. But as the game progresses, you cannot avoid the sea of creatures coming your way. So it is best to level up as much as possible as soon as the stage begins. 

To level up and improve gears and stats, you must attack strategically and open chests and XP gems as much as possible. Also, maximize your coins to improve items and stats in between runs. 

Tip #2: Prioritize Weapons and Items

As a combat game against a horde of creatures, your weapons and items are integral factors for your survival. Knife, axe, and whip are good starting weapons, but as the game progresses, you need to upgrade your weapons accordingly. It is best to study the weapons and their evolutions before starting to play in each stage. 

Moreover, in terms of items, it is highly recommended to fully upgrade the Empty Tome, Clock Lancet, Laurel, and Spellbinder. Their corresponding features are listed below: 

  • Empty Tome – lessens weapons’ cooldown by 8%.
  • Clock Lancet – freezes the enemies temporarily.
  • Laurel – provides shields when hit by enemies.
  • Spellbinder – buffs the Clock Lancet by 10%.

Tip #3: Use the Floor Loot At the Ideal Moment

In Vampire Survivors, there is a floor loot that spawns special items equipped with extreme abilities, such as stopping time, pulling all XP gems available like a magnet, and releasing a flame. 

It is best to only use these items at an ideal moment. For instance, you need to level up faster since the time is running out, so you can use the magnet to collect all the XP gems available while in-game. Also, if you are extremely surrounded by a horde of creatures with no way out, you can use the flamethrower to escape that difficult situation. 

These are just some tips you can use to survive and last longer in Vampire Survivors. And with the right weapons, items, and upgrades, you can now face the creature at the 25-minute mark to unlock a stage’s Hyper Mode in Vampire Survivors. 

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