Where to Find Gold Ore in Core Keeper?

Where to Find Gold Ore in Core Keeper

Gold ore in Core Keeper is like the secret sauce for crafting the best gear. But snagging this elusive resource? That’s where the real adventure lies. Let’s dive into where you can find gold ore and how to snag it.

Distribution of Gold Ore

Gold ore doesn’t play favorites with its location in Core Keeper. Unlike other ores that stick to their own zones, gold ore spreads out, popping up in different spots. This means you’ve got to keep your eyes peeled everywhere you go.

Natural Environments to Find Gold Ore

If you’re digging through the dirt walls in Core Keeper, keep an eye out for that gold sparkle. But if you’re serious about striking gold, head to the sandy areas. Loads of players have found their gold fortunes there, though why gold loves sand so much is anyone’s guess.

Gold’s Role in Crafting

Finding gold ore is just step one. Next, you’ve got to smelt it into gold bars. These shiny bars are more than just pretty to look at. They’re key for crafting tough iron tools, protective armor, and fancy crafting stations when combined with iron bars.

Alternate Sources to Obtain Gold Ore

The land isn’t the only place holding onto gold ore. Some of Core Keeper’s toughest creatures, like Ghorm the Devourer and The Hive Mother, are sitting on stashes of it. Heard of Azeos the Sky Titan and Ivy the Poisonous Mass? They’ve got some, too. Not much into fighting? Keep an eye out for Large Wooden Crates, Ancient Crates, and the rare Large Ancient Crates. You might just find gold ore in them. And don’t walk past those Gold Ore Boulders without a second glance—they’re literally chunks of gold waiting for you.

Gold ore tends to blend into its surroundings, often hiding within clay and stone walls. It might not jump out at you, so you’ve got to really look. As you wander through Core Keeper, take a closer look at these walls. They could be the golden ticket to upgrading your crafting game.

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