Whiteout Survival Chief’s House Guide

Whiteout Survival Chief's House Guide

When diving into the world of Whiteout Survival, one structure you’ll need to familiarize yourself with is the Chief’s House. This building is not just for show; it’s instrumental in giving you access to various edicts.

These directives are not mere gameplay gimmicks. They have real weight, influencing your city’s economic pace and your survivors’ overall well-being. Think of edicts as tools in your managerial toolkit; they can boost productivity or increase morale, depending on what your community needs. To increase your progression with Chief’s House, make sure that you check out the Whiteout Survival tier list and redeem all Whiteout Survival codes

Understanding Contentment

Before you can start issuing any edicts, it’s crucial to build up what’s known as ‘contentment’ among your survivors. This metric functions like social currency in the game. You gain contentment points when your survivors engage in basic activities like eating, working, or resting. While the game offers an alternative—purchasing contentment with gems—it’s not a necessary route. Why buy what you can naturally accumulate, right?

Focus on Specific Edicts

Focus on Specific Edicts

Rush Job

The Rush Job edict is a fast track to resource accumulation. With just a tap, you can gain resources equivalent to five days of work at every site you own. However, you should be mindful; the edict can only be deployed once per day.

If you want to make the most out of Rush Job, you’ll want to consider boosting the levels of crucial structures beforehand. These include The Sawmill, Coal Mine, Hunter’s Hut, and Iron Mine. The stronger these buildings are, the more significant your five-day resource jump will be.

Night Shifts and Productivity Day

Night Shifts and Productivity Day are two edicts that pack a powerful punch when used in tandem. The Night Shifts edict keeps your survivors working for 48 hours straight, whereas Productivity Day kicks up resource outputs across the board.

A quick heads-up: Using both can be a gamble on your community’s morale. Make sure your survivors’ happiness level is at least 85% before combining these edicts. If you push too hard, you might find yourself dealing with an unwelcome strike.

Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

Now, if you’ve been slightly negligent—say you didn’t have enough power in your furnaces or pushed your people too hard—the Comprehensive Care edict can be a lifesaver. With the quickest cooldown among all edicts, it heals all six of your survivors in one go, without any waiting time. It’s an effective fix for those moments when health levels are alarmingly low.


Then there’s the Festivities edict, your go-to for mood enhancement. This one is particularly useful if you’ve had to employ Night Shifts and Productivity Day. You see, Festivities boost both mood and comfort levels for your survivors. Think of it as a way to commend them for their hard labor and to offset any drops in morale.

Double Time

For those of you who are impatient when it comes to building, the Double Time edict is your friend. It speeds up construction and upgrades across the city by 20% for a limited five-minute window. While this may be more advantageous for newer players or those with lower furnace levels, its effects diminish for more advanced players, particularly those with furnace levels above 25.

Efficient Use of Edicts

With such a wide array of edicts at your disposal, efficient usage becomes key. Balancing between productivity and happiness is a continuous dance for any player. Some edicts, like Night Shifts, offer gains at the cost of decreased happiness.

It’s a trade-off. But worry not, you have a secret weapon—the ability to organize parties. Parties can be used strategically, especially when you’re about to face snowstorms and need to meet resource-gathering goals quickly.

As you become adept at managing your community’s mood, you’ll find that you can deploy edicts more frequently, but always exercise caution. For instance, activating Night Shifts during an active snowstorm can have detrimental effects on your survivors’ well-being.

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