Whiteout Survival Gems Guide: How to Get and Spend Gems

Whiteout Survival Gems Guide: How to Get and Spend Gems

Navigating the icy landscapes of Whiteout Survival becomes significantly easier when you’re armed with an ample supply of gems. In this game, gems are more than just shiny stones; they function as your primary currency for purchasing various in-game items and services. With that in mind, let’s delve into how you can accumulate these coveted gems and, more importantly, spend them judiciously.

How to get Gems in Whiteout Survival

If you’re diving into the world of Whiteout Survival, you’ll quickly realize that gems are more than just shiny stones; they are the backbone of your in-game economy. But how does one go about amassing this all-important currency? Well, several avenues are available to players.

Completing Daily Tasks and Chief’s Approval Rating

Completing Daily Tasks

In the game, you’ll notice a series of daily tasks that need your attention. Make sure to complete them within a 24-hour window because they reset, and you’ll lose out on potential rewards. One way to boost your gem count is through a high Chief’s approval rating.

To do this, focus on keeping your survivors, notably your workers, content. A satisfaction level of 90% among your workers today means a nice gem deposit in your account tomorrow.

Banking Gems for Passive Gains

You can also grow your gems without much effort by using the bank deposit feature. Here, you have two options: a daily 5% interest rate that requires you to log in each day to reap the benefits, or a more lenient 30-day deposit plan, ideal for those who prefer logging in monthly.

How to get Gems in Whiteout Survival

Earning Gems Through Arena Competitions

The arena is not just a place to prove your might; it’s also a fertile ground for gem earnings. Fight your way to the top and you’ll find yourself richer not just in glory but in gems. The game rewards you based on both your daily and seasonal performance.

If you’re keen on maximizing your arena standing, consider refreshing your battles. The cost starts at five gems and increases thereafter. But remember, this should be done strategically, preferably right before the server resets, so you can maintain a high ranking.

Joining an Alliance for Additional Benefits

By becoming part of an alliance, you can engage in activities like Polar Terror rallies, which, while not the most lucrative in terms of gems, still add to your tally. The catch here is that these rallies are frequent, so small gains quickly accumulate. Furthermore, being an active, contributing member of your alliance can lead to daily and weekly gem bonuses.

Participating in Alliance Mobilization Events

One activity that shouldn’t be overlooked is Alliance Mobilization events. These are opportunities to earn a sizable sum of gems, but they come with a catch: you must complete missions during these events to unlock the full extent of your rewards.

Completing Monument Requirements

For those who thrive on teamwork, there’s the Monument feature. Completing Monument requirements is a collective effort, requiring every player on the server to participate. The payoff? A hefty gem reward that makes the collaboration well worth it.

Purchasing Growth Fund Package

For those who don’t mind spending real money, the growth fund package is a straightforward way to acquire a whopping 250,000 gems instantly.

How to Spend Gems in Whiteout Survival

Prioritizing Shield Purchases

So, you’ve gathered a treasure trove of gems. The question now is, how should you spend them? One recommendation is to invest in shields, especially with the bi-weekly “kill events.” These shields, costing around 3,800 gems, protect you from attacks and are particularly useful during these events, where you could be targeted frequently.

Construction Builder Pack

If you’re someone who’s not keen on spending real-world money on in-game items, take a look at the construction Builder. It will save you so much time and speedup you progression.

The Wheel of Fortune and Lucky Wheel Events

Another way to spend your gems is through events like the Wheel of Fortune. You could win a specific hero, but proceed with caution. These events often resemble gambling and may not offer the best value for your hard-earned gems.

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