Will Forza Motorsport Have a VR Mode

Will Forza Motorsport Have a VR Mode

Forza Motorsport is a big deal in the racing world. The game’s got crazy good graphics and physics that make you feel like you’re actually behind the wheel. With a garage of over 500 real-life cars and tons of famous tracks, it’s no shocker this game’s a hit with folks who love racing games.

Current VR Support Status in Forza Motorsport

So, the big question’s been whether Forza Motorsport will let you strap on a VR headset and get even closer to the action. Here’s the thing: right now, Forza Motorsport doesn’t support VR. This came straight from the horse’s mouth during a Q&A session in June 2023. The Forza team was pretty clear—adding VR into Forza Motorsport isn’t in the plans for now.

Alternative Options for VR Enthusiasts

But if you’re really into VR and Forza, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Some gamers have been getting creative, finding ways to make Forza Motorsport work with VR on their PCs. It’s not the same as having the game designed for VR from the start, but it’s something. Just keep your expectations in check because this kind of setup can’t match the experience of games made specifically for VR.

Looking at the bigger picture, Xbox, which Forza Motorsport is part of, hasn’t jumped on the VR bandwagon like Sony with their PSVR. This is all about the bigger picture at Microsoft, Xbox’s parent company. They’ve got their reasons for not diving into VR, at least not yet.

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