Will Forza Motorsport Have a VR Mode

Will Forza Motorsport Have a VR Mode

Forza Motorsport has carved a significant niche for itself in the racing game domain, emerging as a fan favorite. Known for its unparalleled graphics and intricate physics simulations, the game catapults players into an authentic driving world.

The allure doesn’t end there; with an expansive fleet of over 500 real vehicles and a diverse collection of legendary tracks, it’s no wonder this game holds a special place in the hearts of racing game aficionados.

Current VR Support Status in Forza Motorsport

One recurring query among the gaming community has been the VR compatibility of Forza Motorsport. To set the record straight, the game currently doesn’t endorse native VR. This fact was substantiated in a June 2023 Q&A session.

In this interactive session, the Forza support team shed light on the frequently posed question of VR support. Their unequivocal response revealed a clear direction – at present, the integration of VR into Forza Motorsport isn’t on their roadmap.

Alternative Options for VR Enthusiasts

However, all hope is not lost for VR aficionados. While the experience might differ from a game built with VR from the ground up, innovative players have found avenues to adapt Forza Motorsport to VR devices on their PCs. This workaround offers an alternative, though one should tread with tempered expectations, understanding that this makeshift solution might not fully capture the essence of a native VR experience.

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Diving deeper into the VR narrative, it’s crucial to consider the broader gaming landscape. Xbox, under which Forza Motorsport falls, hasn’t ventured into crafting its VR devices, unlike competitors such as Sony with their PSVR offerings. This decision stems from a larger ethos at Microsoft, Xbox’s parent entity.

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