Best PC Settings Honkai Star Rail: Max FPS

Best PC Settings Honkai Star Rail Max FPS

Honkai Star Rail is a popular game that has captivated players around the world. However, not everyone is able to enjoy the game to its fullest potential due to performance issues. This comprehensive guide aims to help PC players optimize their gaming experience by increasing their Frames Per Second (FPS) in Honkai Star Rail. By following the steps outlined below, players can achieve smoother gameplay and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Optimizing Windows Settings for Honkai Star Rail

Activate Game Mode

Game Mode is a feature in Windows that helps improve gaming performance by allocating resources to the game you’re playing. To activate Game Mode, simply search for “game mode” in the search bar and enable it. This will help ensure that your PC is focusing on Honkai Star Rail and providing the best possible performance.

Disable Xbox Game Bar

Though Xbox Game Bar can be useful for some gamers, it has been known to cause stuttering and crashes in certain games. To avoid these issues, it is recommended that you deactivate Xbox Game Bar. This can be done by searching for “game bar” in the search bar and turning it off.

Adjust Capture Settings

To further optimize your Windows settings, make sure that background recording is set to “off” and recorded audio is also set to “off”. This will prevent unnecessary resource usage while playing Honkai Star Rail.

Enable Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card from the 1000 series or more recent, consider enabling hardware accelerated GPU scheduling. This feature can help reduce bottlenecks and provide a performance boost of around 2-5%. To enable this setting, search for “graphics settings” in the search bar and turn it on.

Keep Drivers Up to Date

Having the latest drivers for your graphics card is essential for optimal performance. Be sure to regularly check for updates for your AMD, NVIDIA, or Intel integrated GPU drivers. This can usually be done through the respective software or by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for Honkai Star Rail

Low Latency Mode

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card that supports Low Latency Mode, be sure to enable this setting. This can help reduce input lag and improve the responsiveness of your game.

FPS Lock and G-SYNC

If you have a high-refresh-rate monitor and want to stay within your G-SYNC range, consider locking your FPS to a value slightly below your monitor’s maximum refresh rate. Additionally, enable G-SYNC for both windowed and fullscreen modes to ensure smooth gameplay in Honkai Star Rail.

Resolution, Refresh Rate, and Energy Profiles

Make sure to play Honkai Star Rail at your monitor’s native resolution and refresh rate for the best image quality and performance. Additionally, check that your PC is using a performance-oriented energy profile, such as “Balanced” or “High Performance”, to ensure that it is providing the necessary resources for smooth gameplay.

In-Game Settings for Honkai Star Rail

In-Game Settings for Honkai Star Rail

Native Resolution and Fullscreen Mode: When playing Honkai Star Rail, make sure to use your monitor’s native resolution and play in fullscreen mode. This will help reduce stuttering and provide the best possible image quality.

FPS Limit and V-Sync: The PC version of Honkai Star Rail is currently limited to 60 FPS. Set your in-game FPS limit to 60 and disable V-Sync to avoid input lag and screen tearing issues.

Adjust Rendering Quality and Shadow Quality: To improve performance, set your rendering quality to 1.0 (100%) and shadow quality to “Low”. This can result in a significant FPS boost without severely impacting image quality.

Reflection Quality and Character Quality: If you experience significant FPS drops during combat, consider setting reflection quality to “Very Low”. Additionally, set character quality to “Medium” to balance performance and image quality.

Environment Quality and Bloom Effect: For the best balance between performance and visual fidelity, set environment quality to “Medium” and disable the bloom effect.

Anti-Aliasing and Light Quality: If you prefer better visibility and a small FPS boost, consider disabling anti-aliasing or using the basic FXAA option. Finally, set light quality to either “Low” or “Medium” based on your performance needs.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to optimize your PC settings for a smoother and more enjoyable Honkai Star Rail gaming experience. Remember, if you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to leave a comment with your system specifications, and we’ll be happy to help. Happy gaming!

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