Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor Battle Pass Guide

Honkai Star Rail Nameless Honor Battle Pass Guide

The Honkai Star Rail game has taken the gaming world by storm, and one of its most enticing features is the Nameless Honor battle pass. In this in-depth guide, we will explore the ins and outs of this battle pass and determine whether it’s worth investing in for both free-to-play and paying players. Get ready to dive into a comprehensive analysis of the rewards, mechanics, and major selling points of the Nameless Honor.

Unlocking and Leveling Up Battle Pass

To unlock the Nameless Honor battle pass in Honkai Star Rail, you need to reach Trail Blaze level 15. The battle pass runs on a level system, with a level cap of 50 and a 45-day season duration. Players can level up their battle pass through daily missions, weekly missions, and period missions, which are updated during in-game events. Make sure to keep an eye out for these updates and complete the missions to maximize your battle pass progression.

The battle pass offers both paid and free reward tiers, allowing players to choose the experience that suits them best. While the paid version offers more rewards, free-to-play players can still obtain a smaller scale of rewards without spending a dime. If you are free to play player make sure that you redeem all Honkai Star Rail codes so you can progress faster.

Is Battle Pass Worth It in Honkai Star Rail?

Is Battle Pass Worth It in Honkai Star Rail

To determine if the Nameless Honor battle pass is worth it, let’s break down the items and resources that players can obtain at max level. In terms of leveling items and credits, players can acquire enough to get a character plus a light cone to level 80, which is pretty decent. Additionally, players can gain six fuel, equivalent to 360 Trailblaze power or six refreshes, providing a value of 300 to 475 Stellar Jades.

fuel Honkai Star Rail

Relic remains are another valuable resource obtained through the battle pass. These can be used to craft farmable gear in the game, and players can potentially craft two pieces with the amount earned. While the value of relic remains is somewhat difficult to judge, it’s still a decent reward when combined with other battle pass items.

The Tracks of Destiny is a limited item that can be used upon unlocking special abilities and traces. Although its exact value is unclear, it could be a hard sell if it functions like crowns in Genshin Impact. However, for now, its worth is uncertain, and players should wait a few weeks before considering purchasing the battle pass solely for this item.

Honkai Star Rail light cones

One of the main selling points of the Nameless Honor battle pass is the four-star rail special passes and 680 Stellar Jade that players can receive. These items are worth roughly 1320 Stellar Jades, almost equal to a 10-pull, making it an attractive deal for players planning to purchase in-game currency.

Moreover, the battle pass includes exclusive 4-star light cones, such as Warm Nights Won’t Last and Return to Darkness. These light cones offer unique benefits and can be especially helpful in certain fights and so you can have the strongest characters in the Honkai Star Rail. The overall value of these items makes the battle pass worth considering for players who plan to spend money on the game.


In conclusion, the Nameless Honor battle pass in Honkai Star Rail offers a variety of rewards and resources for both free-to-play and paying players. If you plan to spend money on the game, the battle pass is worth considering, as it provides the best value for rolling banners and obtaining exclusive light cones. For free-to-play players, it may be more beneficial to stick to the free rewards and maintain their status, as the additional rewards might not be worth the investment.

Overall, the battle pass can enhance the gaming experience for those who choose to participate. Remember to keep an eye on mission updates and complete them to make the most of your battle pass progression. Happy gaming!

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