Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide 2023

Honkai Star Rail Reroll Guide

The release of new games often brings excitement among players, and with it comes the phenomenon of rerolling, especially in games that have a gacha system. Rerolling is the process of restarting a game account repeatedly until a desirable outcome is achieved, like getting the best characters in Honkai’s Star Rail. The purpose of this article is to provide a TLDR on the re-rolling process in Honkai’s Star Rail and the pros and cons of re-rolling in the game.

The Time It Takes to Reroll

The reroll process in Honkai’s Star Rail is extremely slow, taking around 25–35 minutes. This is due to the game’s lengthy dialogue that cannot be skipped. So you will have to watch the dialogue over and over again which will be annoying after some time. Hopefully, they will add a skip option in the future. Furthermore, in order to reroll, a new Mihoyo Account must be created each time, making the process more time-consuming than in other games.

Playing more than 2 accounts at the same time is a great way to speed up your re-rolling process. So to have more than 2 accounts open at the same time you have to use an emulator. Emulator will allow you to play them at the same time. So while one of your accounts is in dialogue, you will play with another account.

The Summons in the Game

The Summons in the Game

To understand the importance of rerolling in Honkai’s Star Rail, it’s essential to know about the game’s summons. The normal Banner is where most players do their rerolls to eventually get the beginner banner. The odds of getting a 5-star character on a normal Banner are only 0.3%, making it extremely difficult and almost impossible. However, the beginner Banner gives a guaranteed 5-star character after 50 pulls. After 300 pulls on the normal Banner, a select character is given, which can be an attractive incentive for some players.

Reasons to Reroll

There are several reasons why players might want to reroll in Honkai’s Star Rail. Firstly, players are rerolling to get a character they really like and enjoy playing. Secondly, to have a chance to summon without spending money, which is a fun and great option for players who do not want to spend real money on the game but want to have the best possible characters. 

Reasons Not to Reroll

While there are benefits to rerolling, there are also reasons not to reroll in Honkai’s Star Rail. The reroll process is slow and tedious, which can be a turn-off for some players. Additionally, the odds of getting a 5-star character are extremely low, making it difficult to get a specific character. The game also does not have some of the key reasons why people reroll in other games, such as limited-time events or exclusive items. If they add skippable dialogue in the future, then you should consider rerolling, especially if you are going to play as a free-to-play player. 


Finally, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to rerolling in Honkai’s Star Rail. The decision depends on the player’s playstyle, time tolerance, and the impact of RNG on their gameplay. Just keep in mind before you decide to start your rerolling process that you can choose a character after 300 pulls.

In our opinion, it is not worth spending time to reroll. Just play the game, and with time and effort, you will get all the characters that you are looking for. This is all you need to know about rerolling in Honkai’s Star Rail. Now it is up to you what you want to do. 

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