How do you beat Scrapbeak in Hunt: Showdown?

How do you beat Scrapbeak in Hunt: Showdown?

Before we get to the boss, it’s crucial to explain what Hunt: Showdown is about as many people may not be familiar with it. The action takes place in Louisiana, somewhere around 1895. Deadly creatures surround you, some are more dangerous than others and they can kill you in many ways. Although the monsters are dangerous, you also have to worry about other players equipped with melee weapons, rifles, shotguns, and explosives. You can play solo or with your friends, both playstyles have their uses. Now to the boss…

Scrapbeak. A scary monster with bird-like features that can be quite dangerous, as well as tanky, due to the backpack that grants it 50% damage reduction. We’re gonna get to the bottom of this boss, explain its abilities, what are its strengths, as well as weaknesses, and finally, what things to avoid doing while combating this creature. Let’s start!

The core strengths

  • The wires that he deploys make it very hard to move around the lair, making it easy for him to catch up to you and eventually destroy you
  • His melee attacks deal devastating amounts of damage per hit,
  • Each frenzy episode pops up every time Scrapbeak loses 25% of its HP, making him faster and faster
  • You won’t be able to find any melee weapons around the lair
  • Can be difficult to kill because of its backpack&damage reduction from the frenzy


  • Although he gets fast each time he becomes frenzied, his beginning speed is pretty lackluster, which can give you a slight advantage at the start of the combat
  • His tankiness can get countered by piercing weapons, as well as poison damage
  • Big Dynamite Bundles are effective against the Scrapbeak, as he is slow and they will take most of his HP

The abilities

  • Melee attack – A shovel, pitchfork, axe, or hammer will be among the weapons that Scrapbeak will occasionally carry. Each attack hurts, so try to dodge them.
  • Ranged Attack – Scrapbeak throws a concertina bomb at a player and can also deploy wires, which greatly hinder your ability to move throughout buildings
  • Backpack – Scrapbeak carries a massive backpack filled with junk, which gives him a 50% damage reduction against gunshots and other projectiles. 
  • Frenzy – This ability gets triggered each time Scrapbeak loses 25% of his HP. He gets an increased movement speed that stacks, an extra 50% damage reduction that stacks with his backpack, plus causes nearby players to become disoriented. 

Things you should do while fighting the Scrapbeak

  • Poisons are highly effective against Scrapbeak, as you don’t have to worry about damage reduction. Piercing weapons are also effective, as they bypass some of the armor.
  • Scrapbeak is a pretty loud creature, he constantly makes some weird bird sounds so you should always know where he is
  • There are no items to be found in Scrapbeak’s lair. Before starting the fight, you should prepare and equip yourself with various items to avoid unpleasant surprises. 
  • Be aware of your surroundings – the Scrapbeak will continue to deploy barbwire and other traps as the fight progresses, so you should always know where to go if stuff gets too serious
  • A Big Dynamite Bundle is capable of 1-shotting the Scrapbeak, keep in mind that he’s also one of the slowest bosses in the game, which makes him an easy target. 
  • The Sticky Bomb will also drop the Scrapbeak’s health by 3/4.
  • Try to not shoot the backpack, as it will deal lackluster amounts of damage
  • Scrapbeak might also drop items from time to time, so it’s worth keeping a lookout for them
  • The boss is slow as hell at the start, which will allow you to score a couple of headshots before it becomes frenzied

Frequently asked questions about Scrapbeak?

Best weapons to use against the Scrapbeak?

I’ve seen the most success with the Cavalry Saber, as well as the Crossbow with poison bolts. 

Does the Scrapbeak have any vulnerable points?

The mask is the most vulnerable point. Shoot it, deal lots of damage, and run away when he becomes frenzied. 

Can I destroy the barbed wire?

Yes, you can destroy it with your melee weapons. 

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