How To Beat The Assassin in Hunt Showdown?

How To Beat The Assassin in Hunt Showdown?

The Assassin is one of the most disturbing creatures that you’re gonna encounter in Hunt: Showdown. It’s sneaky, capable of sticking to walls and lurking around till he finally finds you. He won’t kill you instantly, instead, he’s gonna stab you multiple times and wait for you to bleed to death. The Assassin can also blind you with a swarm of bugs and disorient you with replicas of him, making it very difficult to shoot him. 

He’s a nasty piece of work but are there any effective ways of killing him? Yes, there are and that’s exactly what we’ll talk about today in this article. We will analyze his abilities, as well as his core strengths and weaknesses. Without further ado, let’s begin!

The core strengths

  • Each attack of this boss causes bleed damage, they stack with each strike and can be very deadly if you’re too clumsy
  • Quite agile, capable of switching into other forms, which makes him take less damage, plus become even harder to hit

The abilities

  • Stab Attack – This is a standard attack performed by the Assassin. After the attack, you’ll be suffering from bleeding damage. 
  • Ranged attack – Assassin throws a spear your way, dealing bleeding damage to you and all nearby players in a small area. 
  • Clones – Assassin replicates two clones of himself that seek out the hunter. If they get close to the player, they will explode and partially blind the player with a swarm of bugs.
  • Frenzy – This ability gets triggered when the Assassin is at a low HP. He replicates two clones of himself and blind anyone who gets too close – this also causes the Assassin to focus that target by stabbing them. 


Although the Assassin can be quite deadly in 1v1 scenarios, he’s pretty vulnerable when fighting multiple players. He’s not very resistant to poison damage, nor a well-thrown dynamite. You can use any type of weapon against him, whether melee or a rifle. You shouldn’t have too much problems fighting him because he is one of the weaker bosses.

Things you should do while fighting the Assassin

  • Use any type of weaponry that will inflict poison damage to the Assassin. 
  • Despite being invulnerable in the bug form, you can still deal damage over time to him, whether by fire or poison. 
  • Try to always be aware of his clones, they mess with your screen and can overwhelm you at times
  • During the frenzy stage, the clones will keep replicating, so don’t bother killing them too much
  • Although this boss can easily counter dynamites and other explosives, there’s still a chance you’ll hit him and end up dealing massive amounts of damage
  • The boss gets buggy at times, which allows you to permastun him and eventually kill him

Frequently asked questions about Assassin

What are the best weapons against the Assassin?

You can use any type of weapon against him, really. The most preferable all weapons that deal poison damage, crossbows with poison bolts will deal plenty of damage over time and you can also use fire bombs to deal damage to him when he’s in a swarm form. 

Can you dodge his ranged attack?

Yes, you can. The best way to avoid it is by not getting too far from the boss, as well as not too close. The spear can be pretty annoying, as it will not only damage you but people around you too. 

His biggest weakness?

When he’s out of his bug form, he gets stunned pretty easily, which allows you to deal lots of damage to him.

Is it worth using explosives against the Assassin?

The Assassin is able to avoid both a stick bomb and a Big Dynamite Bundle, but if you can throw them at him precisely, they will still inflict a lot of damage and let you finish him out in a flash. 

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