How To Beat The Butcher In Hunt Showdown?

How To Beat The Butcher In Hunt Showdown

The Butcher is one of the bosses that you can encounter in Hunt: Showdown. He’s a disturbing-looking humanoid creature with a semi-rotten pig head, plus a leather coat strapped to his body. His height can also be intimidating, as he tops over you considerably. His primary weapon is the hook, which he carries to butcher his victims. The Butcher makes squealing noises, similar to that of a pig, which can be quite disturbing during a chase. 

He’s not anyone that you would like to encounter and the point of this article is to explain his biggest strengths, as well as weaknesses. We will also analyze the abilities that he can use against you, plus mention some of the best weapons to use against the Butcher. Without further ado, let’s dissect the Butcher!

The core strengths

  • The Butcher deals a significant amount of damage per hit. You should dodge them whenever you can and be constantly on the move.
  • He also deals fire damage over time, which also deals plenty of damage and you shouldn’t belittle it too much. 
  • Can become fast during a frenzy, and trying to fight him in this state is a bad idea, as he can easily catch up with you
  • He’s not just a melee class, he can hurt you with fire projectiles

The abilities

  • Hook attack – The Butcher performs a massive swing with his hook, dealing a high amount of damage, as well as setting the player on fire. 
  • Fireball – If you’re too far from the Butcher, he might toss a projectile in your direction, setting you on fire.
  • Frenzy – Butcher begins to rush toward the player, attempting to strike any player in his way, while leaving a trail of fire behind him. If struck, the hook will deal plenty of damage, as well as set the player on fire. 


The Butcher’s greatest vulnerability is his susceptibility to rending damage, which causes him to bleed over a period of time. The Cavalry Saber, Machete, Knife, or Wood Axe are the finest melee weapons to use against him. You can also use the shoot-and-scoot strategy, which involves firing a shot at the Butcher and then fleeing right away. Additionally, a Big Dynamite Bundle is capable of 1-shotting this boss, while a sticky bomb will leave you with a severely damaged Butcher that will die in a few hits. 

Things you shouldn’t do while fighting the Butcher:

  • Don’t underestimate his attacks – they hurt and you’ll be dead before you know it
  • During the frenzy stage, the monster is gonna be quite fast, thus it’s important to keep running till he slows down. Don’t bother turning around to shoot him, he’s gonna catch up to you and proceed to massacre you
  • Using blunt damage melee weapons will not be too effective against the Butcher. 

Frequently asked questions about Butcher

Is it possible to solo kill the boss?

Yes, it is. It might take a little longer though, as kiting the Butcher alone might be a bit of a challenge. 

How do I kill the Butcher with my friends?

Kiting is the key. The only time that Butcher is somewhat fast is when he’s in the Frenzy stage, distracting him from your friends and making him run in circles, chipping away at his HP is a decent tactic. 

What does rending damage do?

It causes your enemy to lose HP over a specific period of time. This is usually caused by melee weapons, such as Machetes, Wood Axes, etc. 

Does the Butcher have any AoE abilities?

Well, while enraged, the Butcher leaves a trail of fire behind him while he’s running. This limits your area of movement, which can result in you getting cornered and killed.

What’s the best type of weapon to use against the Butcher?

You can use any weapon, although it would be best if you used some high DPS shotguns/rifles. Running and shooting is the best way of eliminating the boss. 

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