How To Beat The Spider Boss In Hunt: Showdown

How To Beat The Spider Boss In Hunt Showdown

Some players might not know what Hunt: Showdown is about, so before we get to the boss, we should talk about the game first. Hunt: Showdown is a PVP, survival game that takes place in 1895. Besides players, you will also fight monsters scattered across the map, as well as the bosses. You’ll have to play with your friends or solo, be constantly aware of your surroundings and win everything or lose all. Additionally, the game has a grim and sinister atmosphere that will keep you on your toes all the time. 

Core strengths:

The main issue the players have with this monster is how quick it is; it appears out of nowhere, leaving you little to no time to even react. It frequently hides, and it has a nasty spit attack that can catch you off guard. Less experienced players may be caught by a surprise by the spider’s immunity to all types of poison damage. 


Even though it moves quickly and is irritating, Spider has vulnerabilities. First of all, it’s quite ignitable, therefore it’s a great idea to have a couple of hellfire bombs on hand. Blunt weapons, like sledgehammers, are also not the boss’s favorite. A properly placed dynamite bundle may kill it instantaneously, and a properly placed sticky bomb can seriously hurt it.


  • Pounce attack – Spider lets out a loud screech and proceeds to jump on you, dealing a significant amount of damage. You can stop the attack by shooting it before it manages to pounce on you. 
  • Spit attack – This is a ranged attack that leaves a poisonous cloud that deals damage to the player. It’s annoying to deal with, as you have to be constantly on the move in order to avoid it. 
  • Frenzy mode – The boss, while at low health, gains extra speed and stabs the player with its claws, dealing 25 points of damage, as well as some poison damage. The boss also becomes highly resistant to damage, which can get pretty annoying.

Things to avoid doing:

  • Avoid weapons that are slow, both in terms of fire rate and reload speed
  • When Spider makes a screaming noise, don’t flee since that signifies it will jump on you; instead, stay vigilant and shoot it to stop the attack.
  • Don’t stay too long in the same place, Spider can still use his poison attack to flush you out
  • Do NOT use poison damage against Spider

Weapons that are useful:

  • Hellfire bombs
  • Fire bombs
  • Liquid fire bombs
  • Dusters
  • Sledgehammer
  • Any firing weapon that has an OK rate of fire

Frequently asked questions about Spider

Is the boss tanky?

No, it’s not that tanky but it still remains survivable due to its Frenzy ability, which gives him lots of speed, as well as damage resistance. 

What’s the fastest way of killing the boss?

The best way of instantly killing this creature is by a well-aimed Big Dynamite Bundle. It’s extremely difficult, as the Spider is quite agile but with enough luck, you’ll be able to skip its frenzy episodes and kill it. 

Does the boss have any vital points to shoot at?

The head of the monster is kinda hidden but you’ll be dealing a high amount of damage if you shoot it. 

Can I solo kill the boss?

Yes, it’s possible. You can even kill the boss with a melee weapon if you know what you’re doing. 

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