How To Farm Money (Earn Hunt Dollars) in Hunt Showdown?

How To Farm Money (Earn Hunt Dollars) in Hunt Showdown?

Money in Hunt Showdown is extremely hard to get and you will spend it extremely quickly. You must learn how to get and save money in the Hunt Showdown. There are a lot of ways to make money, but you need to know how to optimize them. If you do all the right things, you can earn more than 2,000 hunt dollars per game.

Play Solo Against Duos or Trios

Play Solo Against Duos or Trios

When you are playing solo against duo and trio teams, you will get much more money for a contract, but it will be much harder to extract with a bounty.

Loot Money on Map

While you are playing, you will come across a cash registry and money bags that you can loot. The amount that they can give you varies. For example, the cash register can give you 50–1000 hunt dollars, which is great. What you have to keep in mind is that you have to extract successfully to get hunt dollars. If you die, you will lose everything.

Kill Bosses

When you kill the boss in Hunt Showdown, you will get a good amount of hunt dollars. Now the problem is that you will attract teams, which will be hard to kill if you are playing solo. If you are planning to kill bosses, then it is best to kill them and leave them. There is no point in looting bosses. Also, when you loot, the boss enemy players will be able to spot you on the map.

Find Clues

Each time you find a clue in Hunt Showdown, you will get hunt dollars. So your main priority when games start is to try to collect all the clues that you can. If the enemy team finds the boss, all clues will disappear, and you will not be able to loot them.

Check Towers

There are a lot of towers in Hunt Showdown, and it is 100% worth checking them out. In towers, you will be able to find consumables and expensive weapons, but most importantly, there is a high chance that they have a cash register that you can loot.

Free Hunters

Free Hunters

After each game, you can purchase a free hunter. When you purchase a free hunter, it will come with weapons and consumables. If you are planning to make money, you always want to play with a free hunter. Make sure that you get a 4x weak heal shot so that when you are looting hunters, you get money instead of consumables.

Daily Extraction Bonus

Daily Extraction Bonus

When you purchase a hunter or play the next day, he will have a daily extraction bonus. This bonus will give you additional experience, but most importantly, you will get 25% bonus hunt dollars. So if you already successfully extracted a hunter, just replace him with a new one that will have a bonus activated. You can check if your hunter has a bonus or not by hovering on the square next to the hunter’s name, just like in the image above.

Loot Hunters

Loot Hunters

When you loot a dead hunter in Hunt Showdown, you will get consumables like stamina shoots or med kits, but if your inventory is full, you will get hunt dollars instead. The amount of coins that you get is good, and it will help you earn a lot of money.

When you are on a mission to earn hunt dollars you always want to listen to where 2 teams are fighting and you want to stay away. After some time, when there is no more shooting, you should visit that place and try to look for dead hunters that you can loot. Each hunter can be looted twice, and in most cases, they will be looted, so you must get the Vulture trait. This trait will allow you to loot dead hunters, even if they are already looted.

When you are looting enemy hunters, make sure that you check what weapons they have. If they have expensive weapons like Mosin-Nagant M1891 Avtomat, make sure that you loot them. When you extract it, you can sell it or save it for some other game.

Play At Late Hours

This can depend on your time zone, but usually, late at night, there will be a low number of players online. So when there are a small number of players online, there is a high chance that you will be alone on the map or against one team. It will be PVE. This will allow you to farm and kill bosses freely. You can check out the player count site to see when there are fewer players online.

Play carefully, and do not spend your dollars randomly

Play carefully, and do not spend your dollars randomly.

When you are trying to earn money in Hunt Showdown, you need to be careful not to die. When you die, you will lose all your weapons and all hunt dollars that you looted from the cash register and bags. It is best to avoid fighting and just loot and extract, especially if you are a new player who is not that skilled.

When you collect a decent amount of hunt dollars, do not spend it randomly. An expensive weapon does not mean that it is good. My friends that I am playing Hunt Showdown with usually spend hunt dollars on expensive weapons that they do not know how to play. They die in most cases and later cry about how they do not have hunt dollars.

So before you purchase expensive weapons, go to training mode to test and practice them too. Also, do not buy big bundles of dynamite and other expensive consumables. They can all be found on the map in loot boxes and caravans.

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