How to Self Revive in Hunt Showdown

How to Self Revive in Hunt Showdown

There is an option to self-revive in Hunt Showdown that will give you a huge advantage if it is used properly. Self-revive is only available for players who are queuing to match solo; if you are playing with a team, you are not able to use self-revive. In this guide, we will cover everything that you need to know about self-reviving in Hunt Showdown and how to counter it if you come across players who have it.

How to Get Self-Revive in Hunt Showdown

How to Get Self-Revive in Hunt Showdown

To have self-revive in Hunt Showdown, you need to have a trait called Necromancer. When you get killed inside the game, you will be able to activate the Necromancer, and you will be revived. Now, this only works if you are playing solo. If you are with a duo or trio, you will not be able to activate it. So if you have Necromancer and you queue solo, you will be able to revive.

Now a lot of players will camp your body or burn it, so it is recommended that you get traits that will reduce its effect so you can revive. If players camp your body, there is nothing that you can do. Also, when you are down, you will have to wait 10 seconds before you are able to use the revive option. Each time you use self-revive, you will lose 1 bar of health.

Prevention Strategies Against Self-Revive in Hunt Showdown

Prevention Strategies Against Self-Revive in Hunt Showdown

A lot of players are queuing in Hunt Showdown solo, so you will often come across players who have self-revived. This means that you can kill that player, but he can revive himself and kill you, which is quite annoying. It happened to me so many times. Luckily, there are some things that you can do in order to prevent that from happening.

The first thing that you can do is burn down the body of a downed player. This will continually lower his HP until he is completely burned down. Now it is recommended that you wait until he burns down because he can still revive even when he is burning. Also, a lot of players will use traits that will slow down the burning effect so they can counter this.

If you do not have time to wait until the player’s body is completely burned down, you can use traps and gadgets. For example, put poison traps and concentration bombs around him. When he revives, it will be activated, and he will die again. Now you also have to be careful because down players can have a lot of traits that will keep their health full when they self-revive, decrease bleed damage from concertina, and he can be immune to poison damage.

To be sure, it is best to burn his body and camp. There are a limited number of times he can be revived.

Self-Revive Process and Strategy

Now, using Self-Revive can be tricky, especially when you are in a 5 or 6 star lobby. The reason for that is that a lot of players already know how to counter it in Hunt Showdown. The first thing that you should do if you are planning to self-revive is to get other traits that will increase your survivability. After you get traits, you should play carefully and plan how you play.

We recommend that you either play sniper so you can fight from long range or fight against two teams at the same time. When you are playing from long range, you will be able to revive before the enemy team comes at you. Fighting against two teams is much better than fighting against one team, and there is a simple reason for that.

Players will not burn your body or camp your body because they will be occupied fighting other teams, so you will be able to revive. When you are fighting against one team, there is a high chance that they will know that you are a solo player, and they will immediately burn your body and camp you until you burn out. I am telling you this from my experience playing both solo and team games.

If you want to have more fun, then you can lower your rank so you can play against new or noob players who will not know about self-revival.

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