Hunt Showdown Battle Pass: Is It Worth It?

Hunt Showdown Battle Pass: Is It Worth It?

It has become popular these days that games have a battle pass, no matter if they are free to play or if you have to purchase them. Hunt Showdown is also one of those games where you can purchase battle passes. Each new event comes with a new battle pass, so a lot of new players are wondering if it is worth it.

Battle Pass in the Hunt Showdown

Battle Pass in the Hunt Showdown

In Hunt Showdown, there are two versions of the battle pass: a free one and a premium one that you have to purchase. Battle Pass works on leveling systems, and for each level that you get on Battle Pass, you will get rewards. There are a lot of levels, but it is not hard to level them up.

There are shrines and quests that you can do, and without problems, you can reach the maximum level. What is great is that you do not have to play 24/7 in order to reach the maximum level. To purchase a premium battle pass, you need 1000 blood bounds, which you can get from in-game shops by playing the game. Keep in mind that if you reach the maximum level in the premium Hunt Showdown battle pass, you will get 600 blood bounds back.

Is Battle Pass Worth It?

A lot of players are wondering if the premium Hunt Showdown battle pass is worth it. In our opinion, yes, when you take into consideration that you will get 600 blood wounds back. Skins that you get from premium battle passes are extremely good, and once the event and battle pass are done, you will no longer be able to obtain them.

Before you purchase a premium battle pass, take a few things into consideration, like whether you will be able to level it up, whether you will have time to play, and whether you like the skins that are offered.

Pay to Win

The Hunt Showdown premium battle pass is not pay-to-win. When you look at the rewards that you get when you purchase it, you will notice that it contains only skins and no new weapons, ammo, etc.

The free version contains all new items, so all players are able to unlock and get them. This is a great, fair system, while in the majority of other games, you have to purchase a battle pass in order to get all new items and weapons.

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