Hunt Showdown Best Weapons Tier List 2024

Hunt Showdown Best Weapons Tier List

The Hunt Showdown weapon tier list outlines the best weapons that you can use. Each weapon is unique and good for different types of combat. There are different categories of weapons, for example, shotguns. Each shotgun has different damage, ammo capacity, damage, reload time, etc.

The Hunt Showdown weapons tier list was created by our testing in the game, so it is great for new players who are just starting. Now there is one big problem with the Hunt Showdown weapons tier list, and that is that it all depends on how good you are and how comfortable you are with weapons. If one player is good with Lebel 1886, it does not mean that you will be good at it. All weapons are great in Hunt Showdown; at the end, how well they will perform depends on the user.

So take this tier list lightly and go test out weapons. There is a practice mode where you will be able to test and use all the weapons that are in the game. Find one that you feel comfortable with, and use it. The more you use the same weapons, the more you will be good with them. The worst thing that you can do if you are a new player is change weapons all the time.

The reason why I recommend that you use the same weapons all the time is because each weapon has a different bullet travel time, amount of ammo, damage, etc. When you switch from one weapon to another, you will have a hard time hitting anything if you are a new player. So pick one weapon and use it until you get bored of it. Once you get bored, go to training mode and pick and practice with another weapon.

Hunt Showdown Weapons Tier List

WeaponTier Rating
Nagant M 1895 Officer S
Scottfield Madel 3 SpitfireS
Nagant M1895 Officer CarabineS
Martini Henry Ironside S
Romero 77S
Nitro Express Rifle S
Specter 1882S
Mosin-Nagant M1891S
Mosin Nagant M1831 Avtomat S
Caidwell Conversion PistolS
Mosin-Nagant M1891 ObrezS
Crown & KingS
Knuckle KnifeS
Winfield M1876 CentennialA
Martini-Henry IC1A
Sparks LRRA
Winfield M1873 SlateA
Scottfield Model 3 SwiftA
Romero 77 AlamoA
Winfield M1876 Cent. ShortA
Bomb LanceA
Vetterli 71 Karabiner CycloneA
Caldwell Conversion UppercutA
Vetterli 71 KarabinerA
Springfield 1892 Krag
Caldwell Conversion Chain PistolA
Lebel 1886A
Caldwell 9 New Army SwiftA
Caldwell 9 New ArmyA
Hand CrossbowB
Heavy KnifeB
Winfield M1873 SwiftB
Winfield M1873B
Winfield M1873C Vandal B
Nagant M 1895 PrecisionB
Combat AxeB
Knife B
Baseball BatB
Winfield 1887 TerminusB
Specter 1882 CompactB
Derringer PennyshotB
Scottfield Model 3B
Dolch 96B
Dolch 96 PrecisionB
LeMat Mark 2 CarabineC
LeMat Mark 2 RevolverC
LeMat Mark 2 UpperMatC
Berthier Mle 1892C
Hunting Bow C
Caldwell PaxC
Romero 77 HandcannonC
Caldwell Rival 78 HandcannonC
Sparks LRR PistolC
Winfield M1873 Terminus Handcannon C
Winfield M1873CC
Specter 1882 BayonetC
Springfield 1866C
Springfield 1866 CompactC
Caldwell Conversion Uppercut PrecisionC
Scottfield Model 3 PrecisionD
Bornheim No. 3D
Bornheim No. 3 ExtendedD
Bornheim No. 3 MatchD
Nagant M1895D
Scottfield Model 3 Brawler D
Quad DerringerD
Cavalry SaberD
Throwing KnifesD
Railroad HammerD

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