Hunt: Showdown How to Inspect Weapon

Hunt Showdown How to Inspect Weapon

Alright, so Hunt: Showdown just dropped this update, 1.14, and it’s packed with goodies. Top of the list? This Tide of Corruption event, but the real game-changer is being able to eyeball your weapons up close during missions. It’s all about diving deep into the game, getting that immersive vibe by checking out the details on your firearms.

Weapon Inspection Feature

Here’s the scoop on inspecting weapons in Hunt Showdown: while you’re out there, you can get a good look at whatever you’re packing. But, it’s a bit by bit deal. They’re rolling it out in stages, focusing on different weapon types one at a time. We’re talking pistols, both single and dual, melee gear, tools, stuff you stumble upon, and the special arsenal. Each category’s got its own set of fancy animations for the once-over, but heads up, not every weapon’s ready for its close-up just yet.

Activating the Weapon Inspection Mode

Activating the Weapon Inspection Mode

For the how-to, it’s pretty straightforward. If you’re gaming on a console, hit up the weapon wheel and press Y on Xbox or Triangle on PlayStation. Hunt Showdown PC gamers, you’ve got the I key or can customize another key if that floats your boat. Best part? You can dip out of inspection mode whenever – aim, shoot, run, you name it. It’s slick, keeping you in the flow without missing a beat.

Throwing in weapon inspection isn’t just for kicks. It spices up the Hunt Showdown, giving players a fresh way to bond with their gear. It’s deeper than just gameplay; it’s about getting a real feel for the arsenal, adding a layer to how you tackle the game. With new animations and updates on the horizon, it keeps things interesting, pushing the game to be more engaging and strategic.

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