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Prestiging in Hunt Showdown Should You Prestige

So here’s the deal with prestiging in Hunt: Showdown. When you get to Rank 100, you can choose to reset everything. Means you go back to Rank 1, say bye to all your stuff like gear and hunters, but you keep your stats, legendary items, and trial achievements. It’s kind of like saying, “yeah, I’m down to start over but check out all this cool stuff I got from before.” It’s not for everyone, but if you’re into showing you’ve been around and like the game enough, it’s there.

The Significance of Prestige Levels and Rewards

Prestige isn’t just for kicks, it actually gives you stuff. You get this badge thing that changes color as you go up in prestige levels, from bronze to gold. Looks pretty cool and shows how much time you’ve sunk into the game. But the big thing? Legendary skins. These are unique skins for your weapons that you can only get by hitting certain prestige levels.

Like, you get one for the Sparks LRR at prestige 5 and another for the Bornheim No. 3 at prestige 10. And every time you hit a new level, you get to pick a reward – extra cash, a boost to level up faster, or a random legendary skin. So, it’s kind of nice because you can choose what you want based on what you need in the game.

  • P5: “Louisiana Lustrum” for the Sparks LRR
  • P10: “Golden Ticket” for the Bornheim No. 3
  • P25: “Silver Quarter” for the Quad Derringer
  • P50: “Fifty Laurels” for the Winfield M1873
  • P100: “The Centenary” for the Mosin-Nagant M1891

Should You Prestige?

Should You Prestige

Choosing to prestige isn’t an easy decision. You’re giving up all the gear you worked hard for and starting from zero. Not everyone’s gonna want to do that, especially if you like your setup. But for others, the chance to snag exclusive skins and other perks is tempting. It adds a bit of strategy to the game.

Like, what are you willing to sacrifice now for some cool stuff and the ability to show off later? Hunt: Showdown is pretty much built on taking risks and making tough choices, and deciding whether to prestige is just another part of that game.

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