Hunt Showdown Trait Tier List: Best Traits 2024

Hunt Showdown Trait Tier List: Best Traits

The Hunt Showdown Trait List outlines the best traits that you can use. There are a lot of traits, and each one of them is unique and serves a different purpose. There are some traits that are simply too good, and you must have them, like Necromancer and Doctor, while others are just a waste of points.

The Hunt Showdown Trait Tier List was created by testing and playing over 1k hours, both solo and in groups. It is ideal for new players who just started and have no idea about certain playstyles. When you get to the top stars’ lobbies and when you have experience, you will completely ignore the trait tier list. When you get experience and learn the game, you will build traits around your play style. If you are a new player do not forget to check out Weapons Tier List, Hunt Showdown Money Guide and leveling guide.

Hunt Showdown Trait Tier List

It is best that you test each trait on your own and read what they’re doing. Find one that you feel comfortable with, and use it. The worst thing that you can do is purchase a trait that you have no idea what you are doing or purchase a trait that is for snipers while using shotguns. A trait tier list will help you, but you will not dominate. To dominate in Hunt Showdown, you need skills and practice.

Hunt Showdown Trait Tier List

TraitTier RatingDescription
ResilienceSYour Hunter is revived with up to full health.
DoctorSDoubles the amount of Health restored by First Aid Kits.
NecromancerSUsing Dark Sight, revive a downed partner from a distance, though at the cost of a small amount of health. (25m) SOLO: You can revive your downed Hunter.
MagpieAReceive three short effects when picking up a Bounty Token: Antidote, Stamina, and Regeneration. SOLO: Dark Sight Boost capacity in all Boost sources are doubled.
FanningAFaster rate-of-fire when using 1-handed single-action pistols.
ScopesmithARemain in scope view after firing a shot while using any weapon with a scope.
VultureAAlways be able to loot dead Hunters, even after they have been looted by other players.
Bolt ThrowerAReduced reload time for crossbows.
ConduitAGet a health and stamina boost when your team picks up a Clue or closes a Rift.
PhysicianAReduce the time needed to bandage.
LightfootAVault, fall, and climb ladders silently.
Hundred HandsAIncreases the damage of a Hunting Bow and reduces sway while at full draw. Allows use of arrows in melee attacks.
BulwarkAReduce the damage from explosions and Bomb Lance harpoon attacks by 50%. Vastly reduces the duration of being fully blinded by a Flash Bomb.
BloodlessBBleeding will not escalate from light to medium or intense bleeding.
PackmuleBReceive an additional tool or consumable when looting players or opening item boxes.
SalveskinBReduces fire damage and burn speed by 25%, even when downed.
MartialistBAllows a Katana to be sheathed, which enables a first strike attack that does extra damage.
Iron EyeBRemain in iron sights between shots when firing bolt-action, lever-action, and pump-action weapons.
SerpentBUsing Dark Sight, interact with nearby Clues, Rifts, Banishable Targets, and abandoned Bounty from a safe distance. (25m) SOLO: Interaction range increased. (50m)
QuartermasterBCan equip a medium slot weapon in addition to a large slot weapon.
Steady AimBWeapon sway gradually lessens and stops when you’re looking through a scope or aperture sights.
VigilantBNearby traps and active Beetles are highlighted in Dark Sight. Also applies to Beetle view. (25m)
FrontiersmanBCarried tools can be used one extra time.
Silent KillerBReduces the sound you make when performing melee attacks.
VigorBWhile in Dark Sight, doubles the rate at which Health and Stamina regenerate.
DauntlessBThrown explosives can be defused when interacting with them.
DeterminationCStamina recovery starts sooner.
HornskinCReduce damage taken from blunt melee by 25%. Useful when fighting Armoreds and group of regular Grunts.
GreyhoundCSprint at full speed for a longer duration.
LeveringCFaster rate of fire from the hip when using lever-action weapons.
KiteskinCReduce damage from falling by 50%.
AssailantCIncreases melee effectiveness of Throwing Knives and Throwing Axes. Melee weapons found in the world can be thrown.
GhoulCKilling monsters restores a small amount of health.
BulletgrubberCRecover the unfired round when performing partial reloads.
AmbidextrousCQuicker reloading of matched pairs, and custom clip reloads for semi-auto pistol sets.
PoacherCPlace and disarm traps quietly.
MithridatistCDrastically reduces the time needed to recover from poisoning.
BeastfaceCReduced reaction range of animals (doesn’t affect monsters like Hellhounds).
WhispersmithCReduces noise when selecting equipment.
Poison SenseCYou can see nearby poisoned Hunters while in Dark Sight. Also applies to Beetle view. (150m)
PitcherCIncreased throwing range for all items using the aim helper.
AdrenalineDInstantly start regenerating Stamina while your Health is critically low. Useful after just being revived.
Decoy SupplyDRestock all types of Decoys from ammo crates.
Blade SeerDBolts, arrows, throwing axes, and throwing knives are highlighted in Dark Sight for better visibility. Also applies to Beetle view. (25m)
Gator LegsDWalk and sprint faster in deep water. Also make less noise while crouched in water.

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