How Many Players Does Hunt Showdown Have?

How Many Players Does Hunt Showdown Have

For the past four years, Hunt: Showdown has been expanding and has had enormous success in drawing players to test out this beautiful but terrifying game. Every upgrade led to significant player increases and an expanding community.

If you haven’t heard of Hunt: Showdown, it’s a PVP/PVE survival horror game set in 1895. You are, as the name of the game implies, on the prowl for monsters, as well as other players if they stand in your way or if you have a grudge against them.

I’ll explain how much this game grew over the years and summarize the article with the player count from the past week – if you are just interested in seeing the most recent player count, feel free to skip to the end of the article!

Steam Charts

Steam Charts Hunt Showdown player count
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Hunt: Showdown has been released in February 2018 and the player count reached around 10,000 players. The game was far from what it is today and new players were just inventing new strategies to get rid of the bosses or themselves. There were 5 spikes in players in total:

The second spike took place in August 2018, back when the update 2.2 got released. In total, there were over 14,000 players. The update added many gameplay changes, such as allowing hunters to loot other hunters, as well as adding a fresh list of weapons and new traits. It significantly changed the game and succeeded in attracting new players.

When version 1.4.4 was launched on October 27th, 2020, there was a third spike that resulted in over 16,500 players. The update added a new weapon variant Winfield M1873C Vandal Striker and a list of legendary weapons, plus big fixes/minor changes.

The fourth surge in players happened somewhere in February/March 2021, which resulted in a total player count of over 32,500 players. Throughout these 2 months, there was a new DLC and the 1.5 update which added custom ammo types, 3 new weapons, and additionally 2 legendary weapons, bugfixes, some changes to the audio, gunplay, and other things.

Finally, the 5th spike happened in July 2022 ago which granted Hunt: Showdown a total player count of 38,000 players, so far the highest.

Future of Hunt: Showdown

Future of Hunt Showdown

Crytek has so far demonstrated its ability to draw an increasing number of players as time goes on and in near future, we might see yet another spike in players but we can only speculate whether it’s going to go up by a small margin or twice up in size.

It’s unclear what the next update will be, but we can bet it’ll be something dope. Perhaps some new weaponry, a new terrain, or terrible bosses that will annihilate you and your pals.

How many players were there in the past week?

The number of players over the previous week varied between 7,000 and 31,000. It is no secret that fewer players will be online in the morning and that number will increase as the day goes on, but it also depends on the time zones and the location of the server.

Thank you for taking the time to read my article, hope you found it useful and have a lovely day!

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