Infinity Kingdom Alliance Technology Guide

Infinity Kingdom Alliance Technology Guide

The Infinity Kingdom is a popular strategy-based game for Android, iOS, and PCs. GTarcade games are solely responsible for the Infinity Kingdom Alliance Technology and have been popular ever since!

For the last couple of years, the Infinity Kingdom community has witnessed a sharp rise in its user community. Not to mention, Gamers are loving it and signing up in huge numbers!

In this article, we will walk you through a step-by-step structured guide. It will surely help you to up your game and better understand the Infinity Kingdom game.

The Alliance Features: Infinity Kingdom Guide

There are a total of three significant features of the Alliance in this game. They are different from each other and play a vital role in the progress of your in-game level.

For the starters who don’t know what an Alliance in the game is, allow us to give you a brief idea about it. It can be considered a virtual clan or group consisting of other players. Being a part of an Alliance will ensure your kingdom’s growth.

Now let’s jump into the different Alliance features of Infinity Kingdom.

Alliance Technology

It allows you to donate resources to your Alliance members, and in doing so, you can unlock the Alliance Technology. After completing a few research works, each player in the corresponding Alliance will receive bonuses. Be it building, intense combat, or gathering stuff – you earn perks for every activity here.

The donation also considers a contribution, and you can redeem various items from the Alliance shop. At the same time, there is an option to increase the EXP of your Alliance to unlock more cool features and get multiple benefits.

It is a wise move to give your best to ensure that you don’t miss the treasures waiting for you!

Alliance Help

With the help of other players in your Alliance, you can quickly build constructions with lesser time spent. Each time one player helps build or complete research, one minute gets deduced from the total construction or process time. At the same time, the castle level increases with the increase in the help you provide.

Remember that if you seek help in one Alliance, quit it and join a new one. However, you will need to wait before making another call until the previous one times out.

Alliance Territory

Like an actual conquest, you can expand your Alliance territory by invading other kingdoms and winning the battle. You can control the new kingdom now. The Alliance level determines how many cities it can control. You can use Alliance Technology to complete research to allow Alliance to control more cities.

The occupier regularly gets paid from the captured city’s taxes. So you can expand your resources and be the dominator of the Infinity Kingdom community.

Tips for Alliance Technology 

  • Brothers-In-Arms feature that increases your help time reduction capacity (MAX)
  • Big Family feature to increase Alliance member limit
  • Action Speed recovery (MAX)
  • Stamina Points Recovery (SP recovery) for sufficient time

Final Words

To enjoy the Infinity Kingdom and play effectively, always remember to use the Alliance Technology as mentioned in the tips above. Follow the guide to level up the smarter way.

Have you joined an Alliance yet? If not, you know what to do now!

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